I found this T-shirt for $12.99 at JCPenney on Thursday, but I don’t see it online. I love the scoop neck, of course, and the color, but here’s what else I’ve noticed: the pattern distracts from my bust! I’ve always searched for plain tees, but with the end-of-summer sales and my desperation to replace some of my stained tees, I was open to trying whatever caught my eye. I really appreciate the detail that I post after the jump.

Speaking of stains, on the way home that day, I bought a chocolate ice cream cone. While using my right hand to put my change away, my left breast bumped into the ice cream I was holding in my left hand. That’s what I get for forgetting that part of me sticks out further than the rest of me! Thankfully, the Baskin-Robbins lady let me go behind the counter to wash it off my white shirt right away.

Here’s the detail I appreciate. For a simple tee that only cost $26 originally, it says a lot that JCP made sure to match the fabric pattern at the seams.