After this morning’s post, I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to show you the results of my experiment in a Talbots dressing room. See them after the jump.

First up, a v-neck cardigan from my closet. On the left is how I’ve always worn it–as an after-thought, something I throw on while rushing out the door or take off the back of my chair when it gets cold. On the right is one way I’ll wear it in the future! It looks more polished, intentional and interesting. It looked good with a wide black belt, too. (The Talbots belt is $44. I haven’t purchased it yet, but I’m tempted.)

Next, a cream cardigan from Talbots. The crew-neck required a different approach from the V-neck above. Pictures 1 and 2 are a No, but Picture 3 is a Yes. Fastening the bottom buttons creates a flattering V. The cream also brightens things up, although I’d like to see this sweater in a dove grey.

So we don’t have to have Michelle Obama’s body type to wear a belted cardigan! I’ll experiment with different belt widths as fall approaches. My theory is that narrow belts will make me look larger (for the same reason that larger necklaces make my bust look smaller).