Are you a belt-avoider like I am? I strive for a vertical line, and belts tend to chop me in two. However, Love My Apple’s experiment with a belt last month got me thinking that maybe I could wear one, too.

Then came Jennifer Hudson in this trench coat. If you could see the actual magazine, you’d notice that she can’t even button the top inside button. She relies on the belt to keep it together. (Can somebody please tell me why she gets away with a double-breasted coat, the biggest no-no of them all?)

Finally, a piece of advice from InStyle Makeover made me ready to give it a try.

Here’s what it says:

For a pulled-together result, choose a solid knit in one of the colors of your print dress. There’s no need to button the front, especially if it pulls. Leave it undone, but belt at the waist to create a flattering shape.

Look for the results of my experiment in tomorrow’s post!