Earlier this month, Twingomatic posted this rant on Thirty-Two D:

I just watched the BBC special posted a few entries back, “My Big Breasts & Me.” And I watched the MTV True Life episode about big breasts a long time ago too, and these two documentaries basically follow the same line, which is that girls always hate their big boobs. My rant is, why can’t these shows ever feature the opposing opinion?? Just one woman who actually likes her body, clothing difficulties and all, would be a really refreshing change of pace. I personally love my body. Granted, my boobs are not so large that it causes back problems (I’m 28FF), but I still have trouble finding appropriate clothes, inexpensive bras, swimsuits, yadda yadda yadda. But I still like my body! And I love my boobs!

Twingomatic’s perspective is refreshing, but I don’t always share it. I’m probably happy with my body 70% of the time, which is a big improvement from when I was younger. In my teens and twenties, it was probably 30% of the time! The biggest reason for my increased satisfaction is my husband. He loves the way my body looks 100% of the time. I wish I could say it was some profound insight that changed my outlook, but it was a person–someone entirely outside of my control.

However, when it comes to things within my control, I think the two biggest factors in how I feel about my body are clothes and exercise. What about you? (Nothing after the jump.)