Last week I finally came to terms with the fact that the puckering in certain seams in my samples is not due to lack of ironing. It’s either the fabric or the way it’s been sewn. My sewing contractor will make another sample that hopefully has smoother seams. I get so impatient at these obstacles that it’s tempting just to move forward without stopping to address them. But I had one of my out-of-control-classroom dreams last week, so I know my sub-conscious will continue to worry about this until I get it right.

As some of you know, I used to teach middle and high school English. Every year around the beginning of the school year, I would have at least one nightmare that I couldn’t manage my classroom. I haven’t been a teacher since 1996, but sometimes I still have these dreams. In last week’s nightmare, I forgot to post the rules and someone kept erasing what I wrote on the chalkboard. One class refused to enter after the bell rang, making it look like I wasn’t around to let them in. It makes me tense just writing about it!

When I woke up, I knew the “class” was really my shirts. Every time I think that everything is under control, something new surfaces to disturb the peace–in this case, the puckers. I’ve been able to meet every other challenge so far (like finding the right fabric, fit models and pattern maker), so you’d think I’d be confident that I’ll meet this one as well. I just need to remind myself that no problem has been insurmountable so far. Let me try not to make a mountain out of a pucker. (Nothing after the jump.)