Here are ways for us large breasted woman to make our own corset tops. The good news: they’re less expensive than the custom items I posted earlier this week. Also, you can adapt them to accommodate your favorite bra. The bad news: you have to be handy, which I’m not.

1. However, this first one really tempts me. Maybe my friend Alice will lend me one of her sewing machines to try it!

2. Wait till you get to Step 4 to see how clever this corset top from the LA Times is.

3. Haha! This mock corset is good for some serious vavoom (or a French maid Halloween costume!). As the writer says, “If you have a big bust . . . [y]ou may be parting the Red Sea when you walk in a room.” I think I like Katina Le Kerr.

See four more after the jump.

4. Here’s how to make a denim corset top from an old pair of jeans.

5. This Craftster corset is really clever, too. I like the button loop elastic that she uses to thread the ribbon through.
6. Here is a variation of the Craftster corset above.

7. Finally, this isn’t a how-to, but a figure-it-out. If you can’t figure it out, you can always buy it!