I pass Dangerous Mathematicians every time I take my cats to our vet in Brooklyn. How can you not be intrigued by a name like that? The designer used to be a math teacher.

And how can you not be intrigued by her line of Hourglass Dresses? The triple lace-up vinyl dress below could never be work-appropriate, but see a few more adaptable pieces after the jump.

The pink piping in this black princess dress brightens it up and slims at the same time, and if you’re willing to wear a jacket or cardigan all day, you can wear it to work. I like that she uses a stretch silk lining–I am so tired of sweaty acetate linings! (By the way, I realize that this model is flat-chested. We have to use our imaginations again on how great it would look on us.)

The grey swirly hourglass dress isn’t a corset dress, but I’m including it because I love the buttons down the back. If I were to buy it, I’d ask for a scoop neck and sleeves. Her site says she can customize her signature pieces, so I’ll report back to you once I look into this.

And I would love this dress in a grey jersey knit. The neckline is perfect. Now the question is, where would we get our support? What bra could we wear with this??! I forgot about that detail.