My friend Tina sent me this link to the Miss Minimalist blog . . . how the author packs everything into a carry-on for even 3-month trips. I’ve managed with just a carry-on for a 3-week trip to Europe, so 2 weeks in Vietnam should be do-able. It’s not the international flight I care about so much as all the travel we’ll be doing within the country. The less I have to carry, the less chance of loss or theft. We won’t stay at fancy hotels, though, so I have to bring my Devachan curly hair gel. Something tells me I won’t be able to buy it over there.

Mindy, my friend who leaves for Greece tomorrow, purchased this Pacsafe anti-theft sling purse. You can guess why I won’t be buying this particular model: across-the-body bag + full-bust = bad combination.

However, Pacsafe has other bags that work for us. I love the idea of the steel cables in the strap and wire mesh in the front panel to withstand slashing, and you can anchor the strap to your chair or table leg while at a restaurant. They have a couple of other neat features as well. Mindy isn’t 100% satisfied with the quality of her bag, but she’s satisfied with its anti-theft features. Perhaps I can get her to report on it after her trip. (Nothing after the jump.)