So far the only travel dress I’m satisfied with is the Orvis dress that I ordered last week (pictured again after the jump). This is the opposite of my A-cup friend Mindy who told us last night that she has stocked up on 12 sundresses for her 10-day trip to Greece this Friday. She can’t even fit them all into her suitcase. “Really,” she admitted, “a skirt and three tee shirts probably take less room than a dress.”

I’m considering this option, especially after reading recommendations for the new Land’s End Modern Fit tees. Corporette commenters say they’re less boxy with a more feminine cut, and they offer V- and scoop-necklines.

As for which colors to choose, here’s where my latest reading of style books comes in. Chapter 5 of Charla Krupp’s How to Never Look Fat Again is called “How to Never Look Fat with a Big Bust”. I don’t agree with everything she says (I’ll write more about her advice over time), but I appreciated her take on the typical wear-dark-on-top advice. Rather than limit ourselves to black, consider navy, charcoal, brown, eggplant, forest green and burgundy.

I like eggplant and burgundy. Unfortunately, the Land’s End tees that I want don’t come in those colors in the summer, and I’m not in the mood to wear sober black, navy or brown in Vietnam. However, I do finally accept that white tee shirts make me look larger, so I’ll sadly avoid those as well. (More on that another time.) I’m loving the cherry, vista blue and alpine purple. I’ll get your opinion once they arrive!

Meanwhile, see my musings on my mission to find travel dresses after the jump.

This Orvis dress is perfect, and I definitely won’t wear it buttoned to the collar. It can be accessorized in many ways, and I’ll feel just as comfortable in it over lunch in Manhattan as I will haggling for a bargain in the markets in Vietnam. Speaking of Vietnam, we’re planning to visit Hoi An, which is famous for its tailors. I may get this dress copied there.

I would have loved to find more dresses because the right dress can give large-breasted women a longer waist line. That wasn’t the case with most of the sundresses I found, and I was super picky because I know we’ll be taking lots of pictures. I don’t want to be sidetracked from the memories later because of an unflattering dress in the pictures, no matter how cool the dress!