Look what I found for us while browsing Lucky Magazine yesterday: “How to Wear Necklaces if You’re Busty“. According to the editors, the long necklace works because it’s heavy enough to stay in place, and “anything too dainty will fall into your cleavage”. The short necklace works because it “sits well below the collarbone” and the “oval shape draws the eye in to create a slimming effect and brings attention up and away from the cleavage”. (See the pics and my thoughts after the jump.)

I’ve never had a problem with a long dainty necklace falling into my cleavage. Have you? But I do find that dainty necklaces can be so overwhelmed by the rest of me that I might as well not be wearing any necklace. It’s too bad because I love dainty jewelry.

Their advice regarding the shorter necklace is consistent with the WSJ’s advice that I posted last December: no chokers. Do you agree?