I’m finalizing my business plan for tomorrow’s 5:00 pm competition deadline. While I focus on that, here’s a sprinkling of things that have amused me lately:

1. Click this link for a great solution for friends who envy your breast size. It’s cheaper than plastic surgery and not as permanent. (It’s worth waiting through the annoying ad to watch the video.)

2. My best friend recently had all the hair lasered from her arms. I couldn’t understand it because I never notice arms. “You’re right,” my friend answered, “because you only notice breasts!”

3. I love this tweet from speakstostudents: “Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

4. Here’s a great bra-fitting video called “H is not for ‘Humongous'”

5. Finally, speaking of small backs and large cups, MissFitUK has this bra on sale for around US$20 (if my currency conversion is right). It’s available in 30F&G, 32F&G, 34G, and 36H. Do you think they used Eve Pearl’s technique on this model? (Nothing after the jump.)