I’m reading a great book by Geneen Roth called Women, Food and God. Here’s one of the quotes that has most resonated with me:

I’ve been miserable standing in a field of a thousand sunflowers in southern France in mid-June. I’ve been miserable weighing eighty pounds and wearing a size 0. And I’ve been happy wearing a size 18.

I’ve often thought that “when I lose weight, I’ll be happy”, but last week I realized I’m happy just as I am. I’ve also thought, “I’ll be happy when I have the perfect wardrobe,” but it’s dawned on me that my clothes have had nothing to do with my happiest moments in life.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to end my quest for the perfect shirt for large-breasted women. But it does adjust my expectations of what it will do for you–I guess. I still think you’ll be happier in one of my shirts than what’s currently on the market. (Nothing after the jump.)