1. Catching up on Wisebread postings the other day, I came across this post telling men how to buy lingerie for a significant other. Her advice is very practical, although there’s a right drawer and a wrong drawer in my closet if Mr. Campbell wants to figure out what I like. I’d actually rather he call Iris because she knows what fits me, what I love and what men love. So here’s my tip for helping your man choose lingerie for you next Valentine’s Day: Build a relationship with a great lingerie saleswoman or boutique owner, and give her contact information to him as the day approaches. Or use the wish list features that some online sites offer. Journelle has a “send a hint” feature.

2. One of the potential fit models I met on Tuesday has the best grandmother ever. She treats her granddaughter to an annual bra shopping trip at what the model calls a “gourmet lingerie store”. This reminds me that I need to check out how my nieces are doing with their bras.

I’m loving working with women who know about fit. I’d say 90% of the potential fit models I meet have been educated by great fitters. One told me that after she was fitted at Linda’s, she looked like she’d lost so much weight that the rest of the women in her family were converted to Linda’s as well. (I review my experience at Linda’s here.)

3. According to this article, it was quite a process to create the heroine’s breasts in Avatar. At one point, James Cameron envisioned them as “three pounds of blue Jello in two Ziploc bags”. It’s not easy creating the works of art that we were born with.

4. Finally, I don’t aspire to work in haute couture, and I am clueless regarding Alexander McQueen’s legacy, but the pieces from his final show are awe-inspiring.