Note: This is a guest post from the famous Charmaine, whom I introduced to you on August 20 and August 24. You can look forward to more posts from her as she searches for the perfect workout top for a large-breasted woman.

That’s the stereotype I break in my martial arts class all the time. My dojo brothers laugh and joke about me giving myself black eyes when I do jumping jacks. Of course, it’s hard to fight when I’m wearing a baggy tee shirt under my gi. It doesn’t allow me to move and shift with the alacrity I need to keep up with the muscle-heads.

Besides martial arts, I love running, body building and belly dancing. As a 38DDD, what I don’t love are the workout tops available to me. Baggy tee shirts get in the way, and the shirts made specifically for workouts are too short-waisted once they stretch over my bosom. When I’m belly dancing, I need something streamlined that lets me shimmy without letting the girls shimmy out of control.

I’m looking for workout tops that can transition from the gym to brunch afterward without having to change into street clothes. I want a top that lets me feel comfortable and look great and sexy without seeming slutty. I have curves, I’m in shape, and I want to show it. I don’t want to look masculine. I want to look like the strong, daring, sensual woman that I am and have worked hard to be.

The best solution I’ve found so far is the Adidas Performance Essentials tee. It’s colorful, edgy, stretchy, and sleek–and it covers my waist. I’m always on the lookout for more options. What have you found?

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