“And wear clothes that fit rather than hide who we are.”

When I ended Monday’s post with this sentence, didn’t you think, “Puh-lease!”? After all, one of the major themes of this blog is that it’s a challenge to find off-the-rack clothes that fit.

Well, here’s one more option from a company in Utah called AJ Rumina. Carissa Brown, of the beautifully renamed Carissa Rose (formerly Bratique Helene), tipped me off to this company when she responded to my search for the perfect t-shirt back in April. I never ordered the t-shirts, but I just ordered one of the dress shirts in red. I’ll post my review once it arrives, although I don’t have to wear the shirt to tell you that I hate the name “Bustin’ Out”.

However, I love the price! $34.99 is much lower than anything I can afford to offer you when my own line launches, and if their shirts are even close to the Eris Apparel shirts that I’ve almost worn out, I’ll be happy.

Speaking of options, I just got an email from Bravissimo saying that their early spring collection is now available.