Last week I said it was a cop out to tell full-breasted women to avoid backless or strapless gowns, and this week I have new support for my statement that there are options for us out there: Bring It Up Instant Breast Lifts! I laugh just writing the product name, but I’m not laughing at the solution it provides. I think it’s great.

Here’s a before and after picture from their website:

The best product for us, even though we’re not plus size, is the Plus Size Breast Lifts, “[d]esigned for women over a size D cup to give added lift and support when worn with a bra. Great for assisting with bras made for strapless or backless fashions.

Note that these adhesives are not meant to replace the engineering wonders that are our bras. They’re meant to assist them. You can view a NSFW video to see how they work.

The four customers who have reviewed this product so far have only given it an average of 2 stars. I just placed an order, so I’ll let you know if I agree when it arrives.