Note: When you decide to try Doncaster clothing, I highly recommend meeting with a Doncaster consultant who will help you identify what fits best on your body and in your closet. If you live close to New York, be sure to contact Gail Hanny ( and Lisa Benison (

I confess. I was so busy falling in love with these pants (they look great on) and this jacket that I only discovered the white shirts at the end of my appointment after I’d run out of time to try them on. However, my sales rep Lisa, who can definitely relate to our fitting issues, has tried and loved them.

In the shirt below, it’s the seam down the front that helps it fit. I love the gathered detail at the collar. I’m not sure it will fit anyone over a DD cup without having to up-size, but it’s worth trying on.

I’m especially excited about the shirt below. Guess what. It’s not a wrap. It’s simply asymetrical, like a double-breasted trench coat without the double-breasted buttons but lots of fabric to preclude any chance of gapping. If you must pin it to keep you cleavage in check, it looks like the generous lapel will hide all evidence of the pin. For those of us 5’4″ and under, this shirt has the added advantage of lengthening our torsos. It probably won’t work under a jacket, but it’s enough like jacket to give you the presence of one. Writing this has almost convinced me to make another appointment just to try this one on!
After the jump, I have pics of me and Lisa wearing a knit top that comes in white, black and tan. I love the scoop neck and defy anyone to tell me I can’t wear the gorgeous fluff that decorates the front. If Lisa hadn’t already scouted it out, however, I would have been the first to tell me I couldn’t wear it.