This is not a posting about resources for full-breasted women because I’m still waiting for an inspiration refill. This is a posting about 15 people gathered around a 14-year-old terrier tonight, watching a demonstration on how to give a massage to a pet. The love in the room was tangible. Each one of us had pets at home, many of them senior, and we could all relate to the owner’s concern for his dog Red. Lon Black, the small animal massage therapist, kept reminding us of the importance of living in the present moment. I needed the reminder.

On a commercial note, the event also reminded me of my friend Noriko, who makes pet clothing. The site La Maison de Puppy doesn’t do justice to her exquisite workmanship, but if you’re thinking of holiday gifts for a pet lover in your life, be sure to check for updates or contact Noriko directly for pictures. (Nothing after the jump.)