The amazingly approachable and energetic Darcey Howard of Lifestyled also presented on Tuesday night. You can find all 10 permissions here, but these are my favorites:

1. What are you hiding from?

Darcey preaches the importance of fit, and you know how important this is to me. I’m going to keep working to create a shirt that won’t hide our feminine assets.

2. Don’t be distracted; be authentic. If it doesn’t feel like you, it probably isn’t.

Here’s another “from the inside out” concept that I love. It’s freeing to realize that I don’t have to be anyone else while I develop my personal brand. Darcey pointed out that sometimes it’s a matter of identifying what makes us feel good and then putting it together in a different way. I purchased her DVD, so I hope to figure out what this means for me.

5. Wear underwear you love to look at.

As my friend Elle once advised her sister, “Depressed? Get yourself some new underwear.” For me, my matching bra and panty sets (and an appreciative husband) have kept my body confidence up despite gaining 15 pounds since January. After her talk, however, I realize that it’s definitely time to invest in a few more pretty everyday bottoms. As she says in Tip 4, “Eh, this’ll do,” isn’t a sexy statement.

I don’t see my favorite piece of advice from the evening on the list: Give yourself permission to shop a different way. Once in a while, go for the amazing. Instead of beginning with need, then availability, then cost, don’t even look at the price tag. Just try something on that catches your eye, and if it makes you look fabulous, buy it. Just don’t do this all the time or you’ll be in trouble. (Nothing after the jump.)