Not only was the blouse below not saved, neither was this dress. The back still folds from extra fabric instead of fitting smoothly down my spine, and the front still shows my bra. (No, I didn’t learn my lesson after all–I rushed out yet again to meet a friend without double-checking that the alterations had solved the problem.)

I’m more and more considering the custom route for dresses. If I were 50, I’d turn to Shibui Designs. I met with Liz Nill, the founder of Shibui Designs, for breakfast this morning, and she showed me the wonderful, new breathable fabric she’s considering as lining. Anyone else out there tired of wearing silk dresses lined with cheap nylon that sticks to your skin after you run to catch the train?

I was so impressed with Liz’s detailed knowledge of specific issues that the 50+ group faces. If you or someone you know tries one of her dresses, please let us know.