This afternoon I took a 10-minute bus ride from the Port Authority to Seacaucus, New Jersey, to meet with an Ideal Future Customer who is a 34/36G. It’s not just her size that makes her ideal. This is a woman who takes care of herself, as evidenced by her perfectly fitting bra. Since she buys them at the Town Shop, that store has just risen several notches in my estimation.

This was my first fitting with a tester I’d never met before, and once again, and I can’t wait to create a button-down shirt that fits her perfectly. She’s a teacher who will look great in them. She’s also a cat lover. We have so much in common. I knew that once I got started, I’d love this process.

The only negative was the 45-minute bus ride back through rush hour traffic, but above is the view of Manhattan that caught my eye. (Nothing after the jump.)