Between meetings last Friday, I visited Century 21. I told myself I would leave the store with a new shirt to wear with jeans to a fit-testing appointment on Saturday. How hard could it be? Impossible.

I’ve been holding off from having more samples made in my size, in hopes I could pay wholesale price once they go into production. Instead, I’m going to bite the bullet and pay sample price. I’m desperate for something to wear!

From your responses to my fit-testing ads and invitations, I know that many of you feel the same way. You have me charging forward with a major sense of purpose.

Yesterday, I received an email from a woman who wears a 34J who would like tips on how to shop. When I told Mr. Campbell, he said, “Maybe there really are women out there who could use your help.” It took a stranger’s email to convince him of something I’ve been telling him for two years.

If you have shopping tips for someone who wears a J cup but should otherwise fit size 12, please share. Of course I’ll send her to Bravissimo, and I have a few more resources I want to check into, but let us know what you know, too!