While browsing other peoples’ Twitter followers just now, I found 2 new resources for our smaller sisters: The Little Bra Company and Itsy Bitsy Bra Bar. These are in addition to Lulalu, which I mentioned a while back.

I find it helpful to know about these stores when the subject of breasts comes up, as it inevitably does when people ask me what I do! Given all the clothes they can wear, I almost feel like the other woman is boasting when she says, “I wish I could help, but that’s not my issue,” and looks apologetically down at her bust. Only if she says something like, “But what about something for women like me?” will I venture to recommend one of the stores above.

When I was talking about full-breasted women the other day, Mr. Campbell said, “Doesn’t that make small women feel bad? I mean, if they’re not ‘full’, then are they not complete? It almost sounds like they’re not all woman if they’re not full-breasted.” I never would have thought of that, but he may have a point. Although I envy everything a tiny-breasted woman can wear on top, there’s the slight possibility that she may be sensitive about her size. I try to keep this in mind.