I bought the August edition of People magazine* for its “Play Up Your Shape!” article. Here’s a summary of their advice for busty women (I love that they have a busty category): Look for tailored pieces that balance your chest and add width to your lower body. For everyday wear, I agree with this advice. For red carpets, weddings and other special events, I say it’s okay to go Jessica Rabbit.

Below is People’s example of what works on Kat Dennings (the star of Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist and a new icon for how to look both smart and sexy).

This dress is nice, but I prefer their example of what doesn’t work. See it after the jump.

The flowered dress looks frumpy in comparison to this dress. This dress says “I have assets, and I look great.” It says Jessica Rabbit.

I would never wear Jessica Rabbit to a work-related event, but if you have the body and the opportunity, I say go for it.

*Thank goodness I bought Oprah and People magazines to distract me on our flight home from the wedding last night. A small boy with the shrillest voice in the world sat directly in front of me and shrieked excitedly to his grandmother on his left and and the stranger on his right for the entire trip. That stranger was a saint, but I noticed she rushed out as fast as she could after we reached the gate. It was difficult for us to do so since we were the last row in the plane.