Regarding whether to buy new bras to accommodate weight gain, two readers voted for buying one bra, and one reader voted to forgo any new purchases, until I lose the weight. In the end, I decided to keep the three new everyday bras that I purchased in my new size. And since wearing them, I’ve lost 5 pounds!

We all know that accepting ourselves is a bigger issue than losing weight. For me, one of the best ways to accept myself is through lingerie that makes me look and feel good.

Two weeks ago, I met a highly accomplished woman at a networking event who is also in transition. As we discussed the need to cut costs on certain things, I noticed her gorgeous blond hair and highlights. Since she’s close to her 50’s, I suspected she had some help. “What about your hair?” I asked. “Will you cut costs on that?”

For her reply, she quoted her 90-year-old aunt: “Your hair is on display 24/7.” Of course I needed no further convincing to keep my hair appointment at Devachan the following Tuesday. And I immediately applied the quote to my new bras as well. When you’re large-breasted, your breasts are on display 24/7. This is all the justification I need to keep them looking their best, regardless of my weight.

Meanwhile, I found at least 10 gently used bras in my closet while packing for last weekend in Florida, so I took them down to my sisters. Am I a hypocrite? I wear great new bras but unload my old ones on my less picky sisters. I think everyone should be picky about their lingerie, but since I have relatives who are happy to wear hand-me-downs, I guess I’ll just hand them down!