I just purchased my millionth copy of “Find a Husband After 35” by Rachel Greenwald because my book group wants to read it next (we just finished “Never Eat Alone” by Keith Ferrazzi, which I highly recommend to anyone who needs a networking jumpstart). I’ll give it to my next single friend who says she wants to get married, just as I have with my previous 999,999 copies.

Before I do, however, I’ll re-read the chapter on branding and identify three adjectives or phrases that make me different. I forgot about this great way to think about image. I’d love for you to try it, too, and let me know what you come up with. You might also be interested in this blog entry on the topic.

I know one word I’m not including: BUSTY.

Just last week a friend asked if I knew any “busty models” who would be willing to wear a wedding dress for a performance art piece in a show she was curating. I agreed to contact some of my future customers, but I have to admit, it felt awkward. Since I’ve been walking up to total strangers to talk about bra sizes, I wondered what made this particular request so difficult. I now have an idea, but I don’t yet have the words to express it. You can be sure I’ll be posting more about this once I do.