I’m realizing that, just as a person will only stick with a time management system that acknowledges the nuances and complexities of how one actually thinks, feels and operates (which is why I’m excited about David Allen’s “Getting Things Done”), a woman will only maintain an image that is consistent with how she thinks, feels and operates. No wonder all those “how to” books and magazine articles never stuck for me! I was working from the outside in.

This is why Karen’s statement in her June 22 blog post that it is “much more work for us to present an outside image that is not congruent with our inside image” really resonated with me. As one of my ever-helpful readers put it, image is “more than just a watch or shoes (as you note in your post). Or ‘rating’ with a Saks salesperson. If the focus is on those things, the bigger picture can go unnoticed.”

Since I’m still at the crossroad that I mentioned in April, I’m intrigued by the challenge of creating a maintainable image that is internally and externally congruent. I’ll share the resources that I find for this along the way. Meanwhile it’s time to pack for our camping trip to Cooperstown, which explains why this is my last post for the week.

My image for the weekend? Wilderness Woman! Some might argue that our 10-person tent for 2 and queen-size Aerobed are externally inconsistent with this.