Shrug + buxom woman = bad combination, even on the Today Show Ambush Makeover that I watched from the treadmill this morning. You barely get a glimpse of what I’m talking about in this picture, but you can see more on the video. I don’t think it’s actually a shrug, but a shawl tied around her shoulders and behind her back to look like a shrug. I love the hot pink accent, just not as a hot pink frame around the breasts.

Meanwhile, my friend Dee has scored a great jacket from Eris Apparel. I love the Eris shirt that I reviewed in November, but I have never tried the Eris jackets or dresses. Now that I’ve seen this amethyst blazer on Dee, I’m ready to order the black, brick or ivory for myself.

Dee also likes the dresses because, unlike most shifts, they don’t hang in a flat line down from her bust. I appreciate this feature, but I’m not excited about the neckline.