At a lunch on Tuesday, after the speaker Christy Burke listed everything she was balancing in her life, she chuckled and said, “I bet this describes all of your lives, too.” Everyone laughed because it did. Yesterday and today have been a big “mix and match” for me*, so it makes sense that my blog post will be as well.

First, have you noticed my survey in the upper right hand corner? Only two of us have voted so far. I think I know how it will turn out, but it’s more fun if you participate.

Second, if you’re in the New York area, come to my VISION BOARD PARTY from 1-4 on Sunday afternoon, June 28. I am so excited about setting aside an afternoon to visualize what I want in life. An activity like this is so energizing that I didn’t want to keep it to myself, and Jill Lauri, a professional coach, will guide us through the process. In just a half hour phone session two weeks ago, Jill helped me tackle a prioritizing issue I faced. I can’t wait to see what she can do in an entire afternoon. Email me for an invitation.

Finally, Christina Binkley wrote a gratifying make-clothing-for-real-women article in the Wall Street Journal today. Apparently the editor of British Vogue caused a stir when she asked designers to make larger clothes for fashion shoots because she was tired of having to hide the protruding bones of the models in the current clothing. Most of the article was about a line of jeans for women with curves by Cookie Johnson (Magic Johnson’s wife). How many of us can relate to this statement by Cookie: “You get to the point where you think it’s you–you think, I shouldn’t have eaten that extra cracker.”

I also like this paragraph by Binkley:

By curvy, I do not mean obese, unless you think Marilyn Monroe was fat. Women of a certain shape, it seems, have been forgotten. “The correct word is ignored,’ says Kathleen Carpenter, a 60-year-old Chicagoan who says she would spend more on apparel if so many choices didn’t range from ‘ridiculous to nunlike.'”

I’m certainly not ignoring women with curves. I’m noticing us everywhere, including the woman who took my money at the vet’s office today. She looked a little harried, and there were too many people around to mention Red Violet discretely, but one day she can wear a classy button-down shirt to work instead of the dumpy tee shirt she had on today. Okay, maybe a dumpy tee shirt really is the best thing for working at a vet’s office, but at least she’ll have options.

*Here’s a sampling of the activities I’ve been balancing yesterday and today:

  • had coffee with an amazing entrepreneur who plans to start an urban winery in Brooklyn
  • opened a checking account
  • met with the grader
  • continued reading “Making It All Work” by David Allen (I’ve needed another time management fix!)
  • gone through Mr. Campbell’s house with a contractor to prepare it for sale
  • driven Smudge and his “sister” Lily to the vet on the rainiest day of the year
  • ordered fabric for the samples I want to fit-test and
  • continued drafting an operating agreement for my friend’s company

What have you been up to?