Tonight I finally ordered the Enell sports bra, but I ordered it through Title 9 because it’s $4 cheaper there. However, I needed the Enell site’s sizing guide. Using just the Title 9 guide, I would have ordered a Small because that supposedly includes 36DD. The Enell site uses actual bust and rib cage measurements, which put me at Enell size 3, which translated to a Large on Title 9.

I’m looking forward to a sports bra that “completely eliminates bounce,” as Title 9 claims, but I’m not looking forward to the seams across my bust line. According to the Enell FAQs, it’s there to reduce the uni-boob effect while maintaining the best support possible. Sigh. It’s like hearing all those bra saleswomen who have tried to persuade us that a seamed bra is much more supportive than a T-shirt bra. We know it is, but those seams just don’t look right. Since I’m only going to wear the Enell bra under gym clothes, however, I’m willing to try it.

I also discovered a solution for poking underwire today. Moleskin! Right before I left the house, I realized that I didn’t have to be miserable all day. I cut a little piece of moleskin, pressed it right where the wire poked, and I was comfortable the rest of the day. I got to wear the bra with the straps that worked best under my wide scoop neckline, and I didn’t have to suffer the pokes. And it didn’t hurt at all when I removed it at the end of the day.