Last week I found myself overanalyzing everything, but this past weekend has swept away my cloudy thinking. The highlight was our trip to Spring Mount, Pennsylvania, for a canopy tour with Mr. Campbell’s sister and her husband and friends.

Being over 40 feet high in the trees is a great way to gain a fresh perspective, and I’m sure there’s a lesson in there about the risks I was willing to take, knowing I was safely latched on to the same steel cable that is used to catch planes as they land on aircraft carrier decks. It was really beautiful to be so high in the trees, surrounded by green.

Mr. Campbell’s best man and his family visited on Saturday, and they gave us a new appreciation for my 14-year-old cat, Smudge. Usually Smudge drives us crazy with his constant meowing for attention and food, but on Saturday, he patiently endured tugs on his tail and giant hugs from a 15-month-old boy who loves kitty cats, and he graciously accepted all offerings of chicken from the two older children.

Finally, we ended the weekend with a win by the Mets against the Nationals on Monday night. So far Mr. Campbell and I are two for two in wins by the Mets for games we’ve attended at the new stadium. Of course, since the last game we saw was against the Pirates, we may be hedging our bets a little.

P.S. We also visited Longwood Gardens on Saturday night. I definitely want to return to this beautiful place.