I’ve updated my Bluesuits posting to give you better details about Jamak’s jacket and pants. When I’m ready to get serious about my personal brand, I’m going back to those pants.

At dinner with other designers last Thursday night, a friend who wears 32D surprised me by saying how much she likes a certain Bali bra. It’s the only one she can find that she doesn’t give a second thought about during the day. So much for my Wacoal snobbery. Please share your experiences with brands like Bali, Lilyette, Olga and Playtex.

And never underestimate the power of a pretty bra. My friend visited Linda’s this past week and says that she came away with “the prettiest bra I’ve ever owned that actually fits. . . . [T]he real test was that it was noticed in the locker room. These women have had the opportunity to see my underwear for years and I’ve never gotten a comment one way or another. But this morning a friend exclaimed how pretty my bra was (and I assure you that it wasn’t out for display!). Everybody wants to go to Linda’s now–for the “non-department store sizing” folks (large and small) and for the convenience–in and out quickly with what you need and practical advice.”

On my end, I decided to wear my Aubade set under my plain black Mets crewneck shirt and jeans on Monday night. Usually, I save this set for a plunging neckline on special occasions, but even if Mr. Campbell couldn’t appreciate it during the game, I sure appreciated myself as I undressed later. Oo la la. Even though I ‘ve gained 10 pounds in the last couple of months, I looked great!

Finally, I’ve decided to host a Vision Party soon! Stay posted for details and let me know if you want me to send you an invitation!