If you read my posting below, you may be asking, “Looking for fabric for a second shirt? Where’s her first shirt?” I’m still looking for a few more fit models in order to create the shirt in different sizes. Let me know if you’d like to volunteer. I can’t wait for the day when I can say to a woman in line behind me at Starbuck’s, “I have a shirt for you!” vs. “I’m creating a shirt for you!”

It’s funny. Some days all I see are potential customers around me, but since Friday, I’ve only noticed flat-chested women–not one woman to whom I have been tempted to say, “I’m creating a shirt for you.” We’re really quite an elite group, it turns out.

Speaking of elite groups, I was awestruck by a female naval officer that I saw at the Mets game on Monday night. She was at least a C cup, and her very fitted button-front uniform fit perfectly. There she was on the giant screen, waving her arms and cheering for all the world to see, and not one gap appeared. I like to think that our military realizes how important this detail is, and it makes me very proud.