I like Corporette because it recognizes the need of some women to adapt what they see in stores and magazines to their conservative work environments. And the link above really captures some of the issues that busty women face. Not sure I agree with their tip on jackets. How many of you are even able to button a jacket that fits your shoulders and looks great in back? My friend at lunch today agreed that by the time you buy a bigger jacket and get it altered, it can become prohibitively expensive. Let me know if you disagree, but if you’re not going to get a jacket altered, it’s better to wear a jacket that fits everywhere but the bust than to look frumpy in a jacket that hangs on you. As for button-front shirts, ideally we would all have the time and money to get our oversized shirts altered, but in reality few of us do (please let me know if you do). I think I’ll buy a couple of size 14 shirts in the next couple of days and let you know how the altering process goes.