Here are the good things about this shirt:

1. The cotton/polyester blend feels crisp, and because of the blend, I expect it to stay crisp throughout the work day (I’ll let you know if this isn’t the case). Definitely a nicer quality than the first shirt I reviewed.

2. The style fits perfectly in the office.

3. This is the most fitted of the shirts I purchased, and I would expect some tug at the bustline, but there is none whatsoever. Everything is perfectly secure.


1. The gathers in the middle emphasize the bust too much, but this could be remedied by putting a jacket over the shirt. Others that I showed the shirt to really liked the style.

2. The picture of my profile shows extra fabric at the torso again, although it and the previous shirts look fine tucked in.

3. The back is too long for my 5’3″ height. This is the case with each of the shirts I ordered, most likely because Bravissimo doesn’t offer petite sizing.

The Verdict:
1. I’m keeping this shirt. At first I planned to return it, but it’s grown on me.
2. I’m keeping the first shirt I tried because I love the style and got several compliments on it this afternoon after I tried it on again. I’m trying to decide between keeping the 14SC or exchanging it for the 14RC in white (vs. the gold spots). There really is extra fabric in the bustline of the 14SC compared to the 14RC, and it bugs me knowing that if I were patient with the exchange process, I could have a better-fitting shirt in a couple of weeks. I may try to call Bravissimo tomorrow to make sure they have the 14RC in stock.
3. I’m returning the matronly shirts.
So there you have it. If you have purchased or are planning to purchase any Bravissimo shirts, please let me know your experience with them.