I liked this store because of their attention to meaningful details. For instance, there’s a seating area for you to wait for your appointment, and while you’re waiting, you’re asked to answer a short questionnaire. The questions tell you you’re in knowledgeable hands: how many bras do you own, how many do you actually wear, what life changes have you experienced recently, what of a list of fit issues do you face.

The fitting:

My fitter (I’ll call her “Ginny”) was helpful, although I don’t think she actually read my answers to the questionnaire. Since it was my first fitting at Intimacy, she began with talking points about how they use a “holistic fit” system rather than a measuring tape. I told her I had just been fitted for a Wacoal 36DDD, so she studied me and came back with two lace Prima Donas with intricate details ($75 and $88) and a beautiful brown $175 Emprente (all three pictured above) in 34F. They fit, but they were lace. I had written in my questionnaire that I was looking for everyday bras. She brought in a few more gorgeous lace bras, including one see-through Prima Dona in hot pink with navy bows and sweet lace ruffles on the straps that I fell in love with. However, I’ve learned that I won’t wear lace bras to work, so I reluctantly let her know this, and she reluctantly brought in a couple of Fantasie and Prima Dona smooth cups. I bought the 34H Fantasie balcony in nude ($51) and the 34G Prima Dona full in black ($81). They put the hot pink lacy number on my “wish list”. I like that.

I’ll visit Intimacy again someday to follow up on a few things:

1. It’s embarrassing to mention this (and I’ll definitely write a blog entry about what embarrasses us and how we deal with it someday soon!), but I’d like to see if my next fitter makes sure my nipples are properly placed in the bras–centered vs. squashed in any which way just as long as I fit into the cup. I mentioned this to Ginny, but she didn’t seem very concerned about this detail. Was it just Ginny, or does the holistic fit system not take this into account?

2. I’d also like to see if my next fitter tries to sell me the most expensive bras first. Do Intimacy fitters receive a commission?

3. Finally, I’d like to see if Ginny is still there. Bra fitters are like hair stylists to me–I like to return to the same person, although I’m sure some of you would prefer to remain anonymous to the woman who lifts and places you! I wonder what the turnover is like at Intimacy. When I stopped in last July, the nicest fitter complimented me on my hair and gave me her card. When I tried to make my appointment with her this November, she was no longer there.

Here’s a list of the things I liked about Intimacy:

1. It was light and spacious when I walked in.

2. Last July they had camisoles for sale with built in bras for DD+ women. I’m guessing they’re not on display now because it’s winter, but I like that they have clothing that meets our needs.

3. They have beautiful sleepwear on display. I was more interested in reading the folder with press clippings and good articles about fit while I waited for Ginny, but I liked that I could browse the merchandise if I wanted.

4. If the back of your bra stretches out, but the rest of it is still in good shape, they’ll replace the hook section for you.

5. Although initially intimidating, they have a clear system of how to do things. There’s the equivalent of a maitre d’ standing behind her podium as you walk in who confirms your reservation, points you to the seating area and gives you your questionnaire. Your fitter takes it from there.

6. I love the wish list idea. I’ve told Mr. Campbell about it in case he needs a Christmas gift idea. And it made me feel less bad for the fitter that I didn’t buy an expensive bra.

7. Ria, the woman behind the cash register, was great. She bubbled with enthusiasm and made me feel pleased with my purchases. I definitely hope she’s still there when I go back.

Here are two things I didn’t like:

1. The dressing room was tiny. Every time Ginny told me to bend forward, I was afraid my head would crash into the mirror. Evidently there’s a larger room further back. Too bad they can’t all be a reasonable size.

2. The stool in my dressing room had a big rip. My entrance into the store set me up to expect a luxury bra fitting experience. A big rip was too much reality, and it wouldn’t cost much to find a replacement on craigslist.

And here are two details that would make a difference to me:

1. Bra shopping can be draining. If Intimacy had offered its customers herbal tea and fruit or crackers thirty minutes into the experience, it would be consistent with a luxury bra fitting image and similar to what some hair salons offer their clients. Of course, Intimacy may not want to encourage its customers to overstay, but I’m more likely to buy when I’m feeling good than when I’m at a sugar low.

2. It’s a small detail, but I would have preferred the tissue that wrapped my newly purchaed bras to have been sealed with a pretty Intimacy label. Instead, they used Scotch tape. I’ve been spoiled at other stores and couldn’t help but noticing.


With stores in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Miami and New York, Intimacy has a corporate feel to it and is simply a good place to get what you need. It doesn’t accept day-of appointments, so make reservations ahead of time or take your chances as a walk-in. They didn’t have a record of my appointment, so I was essentially a walk-in at 3:00 on a Thursday and waited 30 minutes.

Ginny did an excellent job of fitting me, as I learned the next day from Iris of Iris Lingerie. Look for my review of Iris Lingerie tomorrow!

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