Off the Rack ~ Curve Expo Spring/Summer 2018 Part III: Panache

I’m still catching up on the Curve Expo Spring/Summer 2018 (two months after it happened!). Apologies, readers, for my semi-absence within the last couple months. Work and obligations (weddings, etc.) have been relentless. I’ll be off next week, on vacation in Yosemite, but I’ve got one more Curve post and then a whole lineup of other topics after that. So enjoy this week’s post, and I’ll see you in a couple weeks!

This week, I’m catching up with the Panache family. The biggest news is that “Panache Black” line has been rolled into regular Panache, with the most popular “Black” styles sticking around. Additionally, the Cleo and Panache swimwear collections are now just “Panache Swim.” To be honest, I’m disappointed that Cleo Swim is no more. It really shows in this season’s offerings. It’s lacking the bright, youthful designs that appeal to me.

Well, let’s get to the highlights, starting with Panache regular:

This is the classic Jasmine bra, in a subtle animal print (which was a trend among several brands).

This is the classic Jasmine bra, in a subtle animal print (which was a trend among several brands).

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Solid Rock Cotton, My New Bust-friendly Everywhere Piece 

My most profuse apologies!!! I hit “publish” on this post from my phone on September 29, but I just saw today that it was still labeled “draft”. And I was so proud of myself for squeezing this post in during my whirlwind trip to Atlanta. I wore this on my flight to AND from Atlanta, and when I got home, I slept in it AND wore it one more day after that. It is so soft that I just didn’t want to take it off. With so much wear, the fit is more relaxed around my thighs, but it hasn’t lost its shape.

You already know how much I love my tie-dye Rock Cotton tunic (Leah, not so much). I wear it on flights and to the beach, church, shopping, and dinner. Even though I have no business wearing black or gray, I always get compliments in it.

Since the same company is also responsible for creating my favorite at-home braless lounge top, the Bra:30 (also reviewed by Leah), I make sure to stop by their booth at every Curve. Last month I discovered a rack full of new Rock Cotton colors and shamelessly hinted that I would love to review one. I was thrilled when the rep took my hint and let me choose one.

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Off the Rack ~ Curve Expo Spring/Summer 2018 Part II: Elomi, Fantasie, & Freya

After four weeks of weddings and working overtime, I’m finally back to blogging! And I’m continuing my coverage of Curve Spring/Summer 2018. This week, I’m covering the Eveden family, which is Freya, Fantasie, and Elomi (well, and Huit, but that’s the small-bust label, so it’s not included here).

I rarely write about Elomi, since it’s Eveden’s “full-figure” brand so I can’t assess the fit. But there are several very nice pieces this season that I want to highlight. Plus, the Eveden rep actually told us Elomi is the biggest label in the brand family.

How stunning is this “Sachi” cage bra?

How stunning is this “Sachi” cage bra?

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Pockets & Shirt Dresses . . . Full Bust Fit and Proportion Considerations

[Leah is finishing a busy stretch of weekend weddings and lots of work, so Off the Rack will be back soon!]

I was reminded of our big bust fit issues after I bought this size 12 Ralph Lauren shirt dress at my favorite discount store.  Sure, the dress gapped in the dressing room, but I figured I’d safety pin it and be good to go. The first day I wore it, I was constantly aware of the fabric straining at my chest and pulling from my armholes to create enough volume. I’ve been wearing my own shirts so much that I’d forgotten what it was like to wear a button up that doesn’t provide enough fabric for a large bust.


The ace bandages have been replaced by a cast for my wrist and a boot for my ankle–I fractured them on Saturday when I landed on a dumb bell in boot camp and reached back to catch myself.

Now I’m used to it (is that a good thing?), and there are three reasons I bought this dress despite the gap: [Read more…]