Full Bust Finds from France

Somehow there’s always something new, different or better to tell you about after our visits to CurvExpo. Here are my favorite SS2017 finds from the French companies that we visited.

Aubade is finally offering a G cup!

On a pre-wedding shopping trip with my best friend in 2008, I discovered the Aubade Bahia in black. It was the prettiest bra I’d ever seen, and I had to own it even if it meant sister sizing into a 38F. However, by the end of the year I learned more about bra fit and never tried Aubade again. Until last Thursday.

Thanks to a surprise conversation with an Aubade rep, I discovered that Saks Fifth Avenue (oh how I wish that were an affiliate link) is the one store in New York City to carry the one Aubade style that currently comes in a G cup . It’s called the “Bahia Couture Comfort Demi Cup for Full Cup Sizes“. The 32G fit me perfectly.





Let me know if you’ve found otherwise, but from my experience with French demi cups, it is necessary to size up in the cup. I mildly quadraboobed in the 32F that I tried, and the band was very stretchy, so I didn’t want to try the 34F. However, if Aubade comes out with 3/4 and full cup styles for G cups, I will try the 32F again. [Read more…]

Off the Rack ~ Reviewing a DD Atelier Tee Shirt

The Curve Expo was this past weekend, but I’ve been just ridiculously busy all week and am in no position to organize all my photos and my thoughts just yet. Please check back next Friday for the first of at least two, if not three, posts about what I saw and enjoyed at Curve.

In the meantime, here’s a quick review of a tee shirt from big bust retailer DD Atelier:

At the end of each season, DD lists whatever is left over from the season at sale prices. Sizes are, of course, limited, and most of the time the items I like are already sold out in my size. But I happened to look at the sale section the same day I decided I wanted a striped tee shirt to wear with a particular skirt, and lo and behold DD had one in my size!

DD Atelier uses three bust sizes labeled D, F, and G, and waist sizes 65, 70, 75, 80, 85. My measurements of 37” bust and 29” waist falls into size 80D, though I did try a dress several years ago in 75F and it fit fine in the waist. Since this tee shirt is stretchy and I wanted it to fit more tightly, I went with 75 D/F (stretch knits have only two bust sizes of D/F and F/G).

IMG_3164 [Read more…]

Big Bust Bra Review: Hero 1841 Side Support Plunge Bra

When Bras Galore offered me the opportunity to review any bra on their website, I quickly scanned their offerings to find the Freya Hero, a bra I’ve been wanting to try since discovering its extra side support at Curve.


Here is a closeup of the side support feature on the cobalt blue Hero that we saw at Curve last August.

Since the bra arrived in early January after a long stretch of holiday eating, the 32F gave me pronounced bubbling over the cups. However, by March I’d lost my holiday weight, but the cups were still too small, so I exchanged the bra for a 32FF. The fit was perfect, and it was immediately comfortable without any break-in period.

I tend to get an almond and east-west shape in other Freya bras, so I’m very happy with my more rounded and centered look in the Hero. You can see from the photos below that my lift isn’t particularly up there, but I could have adjusted the straps, which are very elastic. However, this makes them very comfortable (and slightly bouncy).

freya hero review

In Erica’s review of the Hero side support balconet in December , she mentions that women who want “a middle-ground between the front and center fit of Cleo or Polish bras and the wider, east-west style of other brands may find something to like here.” I’ve definitely found something to like. [Read more…]

A Happy (Big Bust Bra Fitting) Ending at Empreinte

It’s my dream–and I’m sure it’s yours–that if a brand makes bras in my size, to be able to walk into a store and try EVERY style available in my size. Since this didn’t happen for me earlier in my week in Paris, I squeezed in a visit to Empreinte an hour before it closed the evening before we left. Dream accomplished.

empreinte purchase

Despite the late hour, my fitter Céliane was incredibly thorough. She answered all my questions and accommodated my every preference. After confirming my size, she wheeled a rack into my dressing room that held every bra that Empreinte makes in 32F.
[Read more…]