Best Breasts Forward ~ Try This on For Size


After not having any luck last week, I got the scoop from an inside source that my local Marshall’s would be packed with new goodies this weekend!  In the meantime I thought I’d share some of my favorite finds for my busty body from last year.

Marshall’s is my favorite “discount designer” store.  It’s walking distance from my home and once you learn how to shop there, it’s pretty stress-free.  The key is to not overthink it.  You can’t really rely on the size tags to be correct so I just use them as a guide and “eyeball” it.  Then I “speed shop”.

At stores like these you never know if by the time you come out of the dressing room that item you left will still be there.  If it looks great, grab it.  If it has potential, take it.  If you go back to look at something more than twice, throw it in.  Don’t worry about how many items are allowed in the dressing room.  Believe me, they are used to customers parking their cart or basket outside the dressing room and picking things from it to try on as they go.  Think of it the same way you do when you are shopping online.  Once you’ve added it to your cart, it’s yours until you put it back.

Here are my 3 favorite dresses that I purchased at Marshall’s last year.

By Milano. Size L

By Milano. Size L

I wore this maxi with a cropped cardigan (also purchased at Marshall’s) to a graduation party, bridal shower and because it’s so comfy, it’s great for shopping and brunch. It was on sale for $45.


If I would have just paid attention to the size 6 tag, this maxi would have been left in the store, but because I was using my “Marshall’s Rules”, I just tried it on.  What I discovered was that because it was designed to be baggy for a smaller busted women, it fit my large bust perfectly, the elastic waist hits just under my bust (one of my smallest points) and because I am much smaller on the bottom than I am on top, the skirt falls  straight and slims.  It was on sale for $40.

By Kenar. Size 6

By Kenar. Size 6

Front keyhole detail

Front keyhole detail

I bought this Calvin Klien peplum dress to wear to my Nana’s funeral but it could definitely be worn for work.  this is the second time I’ve found clothing by this designer with enough room in the top for a larger bust.  It came with a skinny black belt but because I am short waisted as well as large busted, I need to cut myself into as few sections as possible, so I don’t wear it.. It was on sale for $50.

By Calvin Klein. Size 12

By Calvin Klein. Size 12

Back button detail

Back button detail


Celibrity D+ List: Kristen Anderson-Lopez


Look who I found only after I published my post about full-bust friendly looks on the red carpet last month. Kristen Anderson-Lopez and her husband won the Best Original Song Oscar for “Let It Go” from Frozen.


Here’s the entire hourglass-flattering gown from the front. The black bodice gives her the sleek look of a strapless gown while the pink straps let her wear a regular bra if she wants to.  Whatever bra she’s wearing is giving her great lift, and together with the pink on top and the inverted V’s beneath it, she has nice neckline boobs instead of waistline boobs.


This is the only glimpse I could find of the back. The buttons above the bow make me think it comes high enough for a regular bra.


As much as I like Kristen’s Oscar gown, I like this everyday dress even better. If I see one like it in a store, I’m going to try it for myself! I usually avoid dolman or kimono sleeves because even though they give us plenty of room for our busts, they can make us look a lot bigger than we are. But this dress looks so fresh, and the wrap V-neck and belt are so flattering, that the extra fabric around the chest doesn’t even bother me.



For more on dolman sleeves, see Leila’s post about armholes that can be saved. By the way, look for a new alterations post from Leila next week!

Here are some more full-bust friendly looks on Kristen Anderson-Lopez. Even though most of them are the usual suspects,  I find them inspiring.






kristen anderson lopez cross front black gown

As you look at these pictures, don’t you want to call Kristen up for coffee and go shopping with her?

My Loft Likes for Busty Basics


Shopping maxim: You always find something you love when you’re looking for something else. That’s what happened to me at the Loft yesterday. Usually, I find something I love when I don’t have any money, either, but this time I was armed with a store credit! The 40% off Friends & Family sale helped, too. (I’m not sure how much longer the online sale is going. The in-store sale ended yesterday.)

I was looking for pants, but I only found a couple of pairs of jeans. However, I also found some fresh basics to update my wardrobe for the spring and summer.

First up is the surprise winner, a jersey black and cream polka dot blazer in 12P. The 100% cotton fabric has  super soft sweatshirt feel. And look, Ma–no rolled up sleeves! (If you decide to try this, order two in the same size. The lapel in the first blazer I tried didn’t lie correctly, but it was fine in the second.) [Read more...]

Off the Rack ~ Curvy Kate Revisited: A Review of the Eden Bra


The last time I tried Curvy Kate, it was an unmitigated disaster. I had to go up two cup sizes, the wires were too wide, the cups too shallow, and the straps were so far apart that they were essentially growing out of my armpit and rubbing me raw.

This was two years ago, and in the time since I’ve heard that CK has improved some of these flaws, including narrower wires and deeper cups. There have been a lot of CK bras that I’ve thought were simply lovely and really wanted to try, but knew they wouldn’t work. With the most recent season, though, there were so many that I liked that I just had to try again. Surprised by the price point (were they always under $50?) and armed with a fat coupon for, I started with the rose-print Eden. Something about the print just spoke to me:


I ordered my usual 28G and a 28GG, since I had to size up in the cup last time. First impression upon unwrapping it: so pretty! The darker pink is much brighter than the manufacturer’s photos would lead you to believe, and it’s mixed up with very pale pink flowers and very pale green leaves. What a perfect spring bra. The quality, too, seemed top notch. The fabric is smooth and strong and totally opaque.

IMG_1121 crop

As for fit, well it’s a vast improvement, but it still doesn’t work on me. The internets were correct, the wire width and depth are much better. But the straps are still so far apart! They’re growing out of my armpit again and it’s completely ruining the fit. Here are two shots from ever so slightly different angles to illustrate how deep into my armpit the strap’s base is:



Now, because the straps are so far out, they can’t provide any lift. Shockingly, 28G is the accurate size this time, but the bra still has the appearance of being slightly big since the cups are basically limp on me no matter how tightly the straps are shortened. There’s simply nothing holding the cups up.

Aside from looking loose, I’m also getting a gap in the very far corner of the bra where the strap is attached. This is because my arms are pushing the straps far inward, and the cup corner is along for the ride. Here’s a photo illustrating this phenomenon:


Lastly, that lack of support is giving me sad ski slope boobs. My breasts have very narrow roots and are quite full all around. So ordinarily it’s very easy for me to achieve a preternaturally round profile. But in this bra, I’ve basically got a straight line leading from my collarbone down to my boob’s apex. This is unacceptable. The profile I want is a pair of grapefruits glued to a board, not a straight 45-degree angle!


It’s such a shame. The band felt really good, the price was right, and the bra is so darn pretty. But these ridiculous straps are just unwearable.