Off the Rack ~ Lise Charmel “Guipure Charming” Demi Bra Review

As part of the last Curve Expo, Darlene and I were invited to a Lingerie Française meetup at Ladurée SoHo. We got to meet a bunch of fellow bloggers as well as brand ambassadors for several French lingerie brands, all while enjoying a cute French meal followed by all the sweets we could eat.

Naturally, I dressed to match the dessert (this is the Lindy Bop “Vanessa” Wiggle Dress in size UK 12/ US Medium).

Naturally, I dressed to match the dessert (this is the Lindy Bop “Vanessa” Wiggle Dress in size UK 12/ US Medium).

Om nom nom!

Om nom nom!

A bonus of the evening was the goodie bags we received, which included an invitation to try a Lise Charmel lingerie set. Since I’ve never tried French lingerie, I was really excited to have this opportunity, especially after chatting with the Lise Charmel rep at dinner, to whom I even spoke a little French. [Read more…]

Big Bust Cardigan Week: Bomber Jackets

Since writing about bomber jackets for big busts last month, I’ve had the chance to try a few more at Express and NY&Co., and size large has fit best in both brands.

The bomber trend isn’t just about staying warm. This olive jacket from NY&Co. comes in a polyester georgette that makes it feel dressy–hence my trying it with my Bitter Lollipop dress. It’s meh on me, but it might look better on someone with a longer waist. A belt, a chunky metallic necklace, and/or different shoes could also liven things up.


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Big Bust Cardigan Week: Dusters

It would be a bad idea to wear these with the top-and-skirt combos I wrote about last week, but dusters are a fun layering option for large-busted women who want to add variety to their cardigan wardrobe. The dusters that come with open fronts (vs. buttons) are especially friendly to big busts.

I was looking for a tan duster when I fell in love with this cranberry Open-Front Duster Cardigan from Charter Club. Plus it has pockets! I’m wearing a size small in this duster and feel completely comfortable with the coverage around my large chest.


I also found this tan Ribbed Duster Cardigan from Style & Co. The color is actually deeper than shows in the picture, making it a nice neutral. It also comes in black, along with some fun striped options. I’m wearing a medium. Although I could wear the small if I had to, the medium felt more generous–and therefore safer–around my big bust. Too bad it doesn’t come in a petite length. It’s three inches longer than the cranberry duster.


Dusters are a no-brainer for tall busty women, but they also have potential for those of us who are shorter. We just need to make sure that they don’t overpower us and consign us to Hide Me territory.

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Big Bust Cardigan Week: Zippered Biker Options

When my stylist and I were scouting the mall a few weeks ago, she made a beeline for this Lounge-Knit Moto Jacket. As soon as I put it on, I knew she’d found a winner. It’s light-weight but looks heavier, and even though it’s a terry fabric inside, the slubby speckled texture on the outside makes it seem high-end enough that I wouldn’t hesitate to wear it with a skirt or dress pants to work. It’s perfect for throwing in the bottom of your bag for an extra layer, keeping on the back of your chair at the office, and basically living in all weekend.


I’m wearing a size M in these pictures. I could squeeze into the small if I had to, but I like a little extra room. The Large gave me too much room. For reference again, my waist is around 33″, and my bust is around 40″.

As you know, I’m a big fan of ultra-suede this fall, and the a.n.a. faux suede drape front jacket from JCP is one more reason. [Read more…]