Corporate Curves Report (Holiday Edition): Strapless Deco Longline Review


I normally don’t write underwear reviews as so many people do it so well already. This time I’m making an exception as I was delighted at how well supported and put together I felt when I went out to celebrate the start of my holiday with some friends. It was my first time ever that I opted to wear a white dress with just spaghetti straps.

GinaTricot dress with a Marimekko necklace.

Gina Tricot dress with a Marimekko necklace.

While it is currently even somewhat fashionable to have your bra or bra straps visible, I felt like I wanted the dress to show as it was. When I tried the dress on at Gina Tricot I was wearing my Freya Deco Honey Firecracker set and both the bra and the bottoms shone through the fabric. But then I remembered that, “Hey! I do own a Deco Shape longline strapless bra and high waisted shaping brief set in ivory that I’ve never worn!”

Fryea Deco Shape Moulded Strapless Longline Bra

Fryea Deco Shape Moulded Strapless Longline Bra

Freya Deco Shape High Waisted Shaping Brief

Freya Deco Shape High Waisted Shaping Brief

Sure enough, it did not show through the white dress so it was a go. What I loved about the bra is that it has a five hook back fastening so it feels super secure. I needed to ask my boyfriend to hoist it up at the back, but it then stayed put all night.

Five hook back fastening, the bra comes with detachable straps.

Five hook back fastening, the bra comes with detachable straps.

A strapless bra is never quite the same, but it is remarkable how well it does give a close to normal Deco shape. Some might complain that it is so moulded but for me it just makes it feel more secure. However there is one gripe: it looks like a longline on the model but it really isn’t. It’s not like a normal bra either, but not as long as I would expect a longline to be. But it doesn’t really bother me.

As all Decos, this goes up to GG cup, which I wear, but the bottom of the cup collapses slightly due to the weight of the bust. Luckily it doesn’t show.

Why did I feel so super delighted to be wearing this set? Well, normally whenever I wear a shaping bottom I kinda feel like I’m wearing granny panties. I’ve also had issues where tights tend to slide down over the shaping brief. With this set, it felt like I was wearing a gorgeous romantic vintage-y set. No seams showed through the dress and the tights stayed put over the bottom.

Black version shows more clearly to gorgeous pattern.

Black version shows more clearly to gorgeous pattern.

The briefs aren’t super slimming but more like secure and put together, and they help to achieve a seam-free smooth line. My experience was good enough that now I’m considering ordering this slip version of the same set.

Freya Deco Shape Underwired Strapless Slip

Freya Deco Shape Underwired Strapless Slip

The slip might be useful also with office dressing while for my personal use the strapless bras are more holiday and party use. During the summer I use them quite often with strappy tops and strapless sun dresses. It also feels liberating sometimes to give my shoulders a well deserved break.





Summer Whites


I said I’d be writing about all swimsuits all the time for a while, but I’m on vacation this week, and I feel like showing you this strapless white eyelet dress from Laundry by Shelli Segal instead. Besides, Tina reviews the Deco longline strapless tomorrow, which sounds like the perfect foundation for this kind dress!

I kept running into smaller sizes of this dress in the Lord & Taylor clearance racks last week, but when I finally found it in size 12, I decided to bring it with me to the dressing room (I’d already read a draft of Tina’s post by then, so white dresses were on my mind). As you know, I was really on the hunt for a strapless dress from Shoshanna because I wanted to test its support. With its back zip, the Laundry dress doesn’t have a separate band that fastens in back, but it does have a separate cotton panel with boning.

First I tried it while wearing my Fantasie 4520 just to get an idea of fit. It fit great–no boob smashing, and the bust darts hit exactly where they’re supposed to.

laundry by shelli segal front with bra

It felt so sturdy, that I wondered how it would work if I went braless? So I tried that, too, and it also fit!

laundry shelli segal front no bra

Of course my bustline dropped closer to my waistline when I did this, but incredibly, if I really wanted to go braless and didn’t mind underboob sweat, I would feel totally secure in this dress. The woven fabric and boning seemed to mitigate any bounciness.

laundry shelli segal strapless side view

There wasn’t even any boob spillage when I leaned over in it!

no bending over spillage laundry by shelly segal

However, the entire goal of a dress like this is to feel pretty, cool and summery, and underboob sweat would totally defeat that purpose. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post to find out if the Deco longline strapless is the answer for busty women who want to look and feel cool without sacrificing lift.

Off the Rack ~ Fitting the Bottom Half of the Hourglass: Freddies Jeans Reviewed


Eeeeeeee I got my Freddies of Pinewood jeans! The company is an absolute treasure and I could not be happier with these garments.

First off, the customer service is really great. I wanted the 1940s Button Pants, but my size was sold out, so I emailed Freddies to ask if they’d be restocking any time soon. They responded within 48 hours. After I received the pants, I had a question about laundering them, and they responded within mere hours, and continued emailing with me throughout the day.

Second, the shipping is insanely fast. I placed my order July 2, it was shipped July 3, and it was delivered to New York July 7. Are you kidding me?? Things shipped within the US don’t arrive that fast! I was a little put out by the shipping cost of £23.25 (about $40), but I understand denim is heavy and the cost really matches the speed and includes a tracking number. Would I pay less for slower shipping? Ehhhh probably. But it’s not an option, and I love these pants enough that I would pay it again. If only I didn’t have to worry about customs fees, I would order more at once!

Next up, let’s talk price. At first glance, these seem a little expensive at £55-£65 ($94-$111), but that price includes VAT and Freddies subtracts VAT automatically for non-European customers! It doesn’t seem to be advertised anywhere, but when I dropped items into my cart and put in the US for shipping destination, the prices were suddenly about 17% cheaper. So these end up costing little more than a new pair of Levi’s, only they fit way better.

Okay, let’s move on to the actual pants! As mentioned, the first ones I picked out were the 1940s Button Pants, which are heavy, 100% cotton twill, not denim. When I first tried them on, they seemed a bit big in the waist and I was really disappointed. I considered washing them in hot water and/or using the dryer to shrink them a little, but they’re dry clean only (meaning I will actually wash them in delicate, cold water).


I was going to move the buttons over a little, but ended up deciding against it. I must have been having a skinny moment or something when I first tried them on, because when I put them on later that night they felt better. Leaving them as is also means there’s enough space to tuck in a heavier shirt if I so wish.

These pants are very high-waisted and very wide-leg. Here’s a picture when I first got them and hadn’t put together a real outfit yet, which illustrates it well:


And here’s me in an actual outfit of a loose blouse and chunky platform sandals. It’s a bit more ’70s than ’40s:




With the bagginess and high waist, these don’t do my rear any favors, but they are so comfortable and I think quite flattering from the front. They make my legs look a mile long and emphasize my small waist. Plus I can pair them with wispy, shapeless blouses without looking like a blob!

Let’s get a couple closeups of the details, shall we?

The buttons on the left side are functional, they’re how you open and close the pants.

The buttons on the left side are functional, they’re how you open and close the pants.

I love the big, swooping front pockets. They give a bit of a nautical feel and are nice and deep for holding my iPhone.

I love the big, swooping front pockets. They give a bit of a nautical feel and are nice and deep for holding my iPhone.

The back has a pair of long, high-placed pockets.

The back has a pair of long, high-placed pockets.

Next up are the New Jeanies, after which I’ll discuss fit and figuring out your size.

I was initially a little hesitant to get another wide-leg pair, and then I found a photo of a woman wearing the slimmer-legged Jeanies, which looked awesome! They’re a perfect blend of vintage styling but with a modern cut through the leg. When I wore them out, one friend said I looked like I’d been doing some riveting.

The Jeanies are 100% cotton denim and have a super high rise, front placket pockets (again deep enough to tuck away my phone), belt loops, a hidden side zipper, and fairly slim thighs and legs. Here’s a photo when I first tried them on, which shows the height of the waist and length and width of the legs:


Here are some shots of the jeans as part of an outfit, this time with a button-up blouse and flat shoes (plus a cameo from my puppy!):




I think these are a lot more flattering on my butt than the much looser Button Pants. Again I found the waist a tiny bit big, but in this case there are two buttons, so I just use the tighter one.


Wearing them on the first button, as I think is intended.

Wearing them on the first button, as I think is intended.

Wearing on the second button, which I prefer.

Wearing on the second button, which I prefer.


The zipper is hidden inside the left pocket. Clever!

The zipper is hidden inside the left pocket. Clever!

In looking at my outfit photos, I don’t think these even look all that high-waisted, but they certainly feel like it when I’m walking around. In fact, it’s a little hard to bend over, but I’m sure the denim will loosen up with wear. And it’s a small price to pay to avoid plumber’s butt! These are easily the best fitting off-the-rack jeans I’ve ever owned.

The Freddies listing notes that these are not so good for curvy girls due to a slimmer thigh, and I tend to agree. Although they’re fine once on, they’re a little hard to pull over my butt. The sizing chart lists a difference of 32cm between waist and hip, and I would suggest ladies with a bigger difference than that avoid this particular style. My difference is 30.5cm.

This brings me to my next point: How to figure out your Freddies size! It is super easy. Every single pant has its own size chart right in its listing. It’s more than just waist and hip, though. The charts also include rise, thigh (single thigh laid flat), width at hem, and inseam length. Waist and hip are still the most important, though, so pay close attention to those and don’t worry about the size number.

For example, whereas I normally wear size 28 or 29, based on the actual measurements I needed a 30 in both these pairs. The Button Pants match up to my waist perfectly (74cm) and the Jeanies are 2cm bigger at 76cm. Since denim will stretch out with constant wear, and since I found the waist in both pants could stand to be a wee bit tighter, if you’re between sizes I would suggest sizing down if you are closer to the lower number, but go up if you’re closer to the larger one. If you’re right smack in the middle, you should email Freddies and ask their advice.

I can’t wait to place another order! I have my eyes on the Rivet Jeans, the Norma Jeans, and maybe even the Dungaree Dolls overalls. Too bad I can only fit two pairs per order to avoid reaching the US customs limit of $200! Maybe they’ll have a sale at some point and then I can squeeze in three pairs.

Best Breast Forward ~ A Pain in My . . .


I must say that writing for Hourglassy has done wonders for my self esteem.  Although it isn’t always easy, in the past couple of years I’ve learned how to find things that fit my busty body and I’m simply more proud to be big boobed Mia.  Unfortunately , there is one are where I daily want to take my breasts off and set them on the shelf: Sleeping is becoming more and more painful.  I am a woman that needs her sleep.  I love the way I feel after a night of sweet, deep sleep, but my breasts are constantly waking me up out of my sleep, turning me into a puffy-faced growling beast in the morning.  Everyone around me can tell when I haven’t slept well, and they know to deal with me cautiously.

I learned to deal with not being able to sleep on my stomach, but every once in a while I wake up only to find myself in that position.  I’m immediately pissed.  I know that because when lying on my stomach, my 32Js create such a sharp angle from my lower spine to my neck that it leaves me in pain for days.  I’ve tried all types of pillow placement under my body, but nothing feels comfortable.

So I tried sleeping on my right side, but I can only do that if I have no food or drink at least 3 hours before bed because I have GERD–an acid reflux  that can only be described as opening up a flowing lava-road to hell via your esophagus.

Until this week that left me with two viable options–sleeping on my back or sleeping on my left side.  I learned quickly that if I lie down wearing anything that places my breasts correctly on my chest, be it a bra or nightie, I feel like I can’t catch my breath after five minutes.  The weight of my huge boobs on my upper chest is just too much to bear lying down.  It feels like they are these evil orbs conspiring to “choke me out” in my sleep.

All things being as they were I’ve been sleeping on my left side every night.  Do you know what happens when runners who put their joints to a regular workout try to sleep very still in the exact same position every night?  Yup, aching joints.  To be specific, my left hip has started to bother me every time I lie down to go to sleep.

I really don’t know how much longer I can take this.  I can deal with and have in fact embraced my large breasts in all aspects of my life but I cannot live in restless pain just to prove that I’m proud of being busty.  I’ve decided that I will try strengthening other areas of my body, especially my core, and drop these extra 20 pounds that I know put extra weight on my joints while I’m running.  I’m giving it until my birthday (New Years Eve) to see how much improvement there is.

If there isn’t significant improvement, I will be getting a breasts reduction.  I will still be an Hourglassy woman though.  Y’all will still have to put up with my Midwest, Southern fried, New Yorker banter.  I’m not interested in being small, just smaller and more manageable.  I’d love to never again elbow myself in my own boob while lying in bed.  I hope that by the time my birthday rolls around, there’s enough improvement that I won’t have to go under the knife, but if I do, I’ll be taking you all on the journey with me.