Best Breasts Forward ~ Presenting . . . Jill Scott

I adore Jill Scott. She has the voice of an angel, a poet and a lion all wrapped up in one glorious package. From the very beginning she made it very clear that she was a woman to be reckoned with. She has a presence that is undeniable.


As a busty woman I noticed her size from the start. I always pay attention to how she is dressed. I am sure she has a stylist but cannot imagine anything being “put on” Ms. Scott. She wears her clothes.


Even when she is wrapped in a garment I wouldn’t be caught dead in, I find it difficult to look critically upon her choice. Her bras and undergarments are almost always perfect. There are times she chooses to show off the girls in a fitted gown with a plunging neckline and others when she’s completely covered. She dresses how she feels.

image image image image

The thing that stands out the most is not the clothing, it’s how she presents herself in it. I have never seen a photograph of Ms. Scott slouching. Her head is always held high. She has an air of nobility but a smile so warm that she is lovingly referred to as “Jilly from Philly”. Her weight may fluctuate but her stature never waivers. It is difficult to take your eyes off of her because she seems to be an anomaly; a plus sized, busty woman so secure within herself that she leaves others unable to question her.


image image image image

You see, we may not all have access to the most expensive bras and pricey clothes to cover them but what I have taken from watching and listening to Jill Scott is that we all have access to the powerful being under those clothes.

Especially for those of us with large breasts, the way we carry ourselves both literally and philosophically can do more than a perfectly fitted bra ever could.

Fitting In ~ Hey, Good Lookin’

Hey, hey, good lookin’,
Whatcha got cookin’?
How’s about cookin’ somethin’ up with me?

I have a confession to make. My other obsession . . . besides music . . . is food. I own more kitchen gadgets than anyone needs, have six types of flour on hand at any given moment, and I have logged more time watching the Food Network than I care to admit. I take every opportunity to meet my TV chef idols (Anne Burrell, Alton Brown, Michael Simon . . . and more) waiting with great anticipation for the Food & Wine show to come to New York each autumn.

So I was squealing with delight when I met Aarti Sequeira last year at an outdoor food expo in Lower Manhattan. Aarti won Season 6 of the Next Food Network Star and hosted Aarti Party. I just had to get a copy of her new cookbook. And I had to get a picture. She’s as warm and fun in person as she is on television.

Here we are . . .


Do you see what I see?

Hard to believe after watching so many episodes that I never noticed before. I always noticed the flower, but never caught on that she was full busted. Aarti accessorizes with a big, bold flower in her hair, drawing your eye up to her bright eyes and sparkling smile.  However, I really like how her fashion style works with her curves.  The bright colors and neck lines are flattering and, with the flower, draw your eye up to her face.


I adore this picture, because she is relaxed and laughing, and I store my sunglasses the same way!

Some music trivia…

Hey Good Lookin’ is one of the first three songs I taught myself to play as a very young child.  The others were a gospel song and a beer drinking song, which made for quite an eclectic mix at the Kindergarten talent show where I performed these songs.  More recently, I learned that Hank Williams wrote HGL while on a plane with Minnie Pearl — another celeb who was famous for a certain accessory.

Mini Mini Sports Bra Review: Chantelle Underwire Sports Bra

When I spied the new Chantelle sports bra in bright orange at Magic Corsets, I had to try it on. The 32F (UK size) fit perfectly and is really cute.

chantelle sports bra side

chantelle sports bra front

However, when I jumped up and down, I felt more bounce than I’m aware of in my Panache sports tank. It wasn’t Incompetent Sports Bra Bounce, but it simply didn’t meet the standard I’m used to. Which leads me to wonder . . . why bother creating a Panache copycat that isn’t going to do at least as good a job of support?

A lot of the online store reviewers rave about this bra, so I questioned my own impression until I found a single (so far) voice of dissent on the Nordstrom website: “If you wear a 32G chances are you need a bra with stability, this one fell short for me.

Obviously, I wasn’t tempted to purchase this bra, but it may be a good alternative for women who love Chantelle or simply want an orange bra (it’s also available in black and grey). I’m currently wearing the Panache Hepburn in 32FF (review to come soon), and I can just fit the Fantasie Susanna in 30G. The saleswoman at Magic Corsets warned me that the band runs tight in the Chantelle sports bra, so I didn’t try the 30 band and was prepared to try a 34 if necessary.


[Interestingly, my friend refused to photograph me from the back in this bra–it has a J-hook and three columns of three hooks–because she felt my loose skin was too unsightly. Until that evening, I thought I simply had a lot of back flab that would eventually go away with exercise. I also had no idea that I should be embarrassed by it. I even wondered if I should look into cosmetic surgery! Then a few days later after getting out of the shower,  I grasped two handles of my back skin in my hands, and feeling the living tissue, I thought, “This skin has served me well. It stretched when I needed it to. How could I ever get rid of it?”]

Off the Rack ~ Freya’s Bondi Bikini Reviewed

Readers, it’s with great sadness that I report to you my Freya Bondi bikini (which I gushed over in my Eveden Curve roundup) does not suit me at all. The fit on top and bottom is just not working, and I had to return it. I made sure to snap a few photos to share first, though.

I purchased the top in 30G, which is what I always order in Freya swimwear even though I wear 28G in their bras. I got the bottoms in size medium, which is what I always order in their bikinis as well. Here’s the complete look, followed by my thoughts:


First impression: My husband immediately said “that doesn’t fit you very well” when I put the suit on, and I definitely agree. I feel that I bought the right sizes, but that this suit is just doing me no favors.

For example, the bottoms are supposed to be high-waisted, but on me they hit at a really unflattering mid-rise. The black trim around the waist is also cutting in big time, making my midsection look extra chubby. I have tried Freya bikini bottoms in size large before, though only a lower-rise style, and the problem with large is that there’s too much fabric in the crotch and it bunches up on me and looks weird and feels uncomfortable. The Bondi bottoms already have a lot of fabric in that region that I had to situate just so to avoid having the bottom seam flip and bunch up, so I really don’t think a large would work either. Plus that wouldn’t solve the unflattering rise anyway.

Next up, this is not a longline, despite Freya’s naming it so. It’s maybe a centimeter longer than a normal banded bra would be. I wish it was at least a couple inches longer, to get a more vintage look.

As for the top’s fit, it’s not that easy to see here, but the cups were not very supportive on me. The top of the cup isn’t open enough, so it’s cutting in and I’m getting mild quadboob. From the side, there was a rather sad, slightly droopy shape, as you can see here:


It actually doesn’t look that bad here, but the boob in the foreground is my bigger side and it was really pronounced on that one. I should have gotten a photo from the opposite angle.

There was slight improvement when I added the straps, but not much:



I actually like the way it looks with the straps, but as you can see above, they are way long. I had to tighten them almost as far as they would go. If I’m 5’6”, imagine how these would fare on a more petite lady? I never have a problem with Freya’s bra straps, so I don’t understand why these swim straps are so much longer.

At this point, I might have considered keeping the top and wearing it with black bottoms. I even already own some—Freya’s “Showboat” bikini bottoms in size medium (which fit perfectly and are actually high-waisted, reaching up to my belly button). But there’s one other problem with this top that I just couldn’t overlook:


The cups are too shallow! Curses! They’re crumpling over and pushing the underwire down my ribs instead of resting beneath the breast tissue. (By the way, the above photo is a more accurate representation of the color. The purple looks overly blue in my other shots.) This is the same issue I complained about in my Panache Envy review last week. It’s something I’m willing to deal with in a bra, but not a swimsuit where it’s visible to all.

Lastly, I just have to share this most unflattering back view of the whole suit:


Augh! So much squishy back fat! I’ve never had a bra or swimsuit do this to me. This shot definitely sealed the deal for me that I would not be keeping Bondi. I’m also not a fan of how much buttcheek is hanging out. It felt like a wedgie waiting to happen.

As always, while this bikini is not for me, I still think there are women it would suit much better. I’d highly recommend it for ladies on the shorter side, on whom it may look like more of a real longline and/or real high-waisted bottoms. I think the top would work for ladies who are more average-boobed than me (so not too much projection and not super full-on-bottom or full-on-top). And the bottoms would definitely be better on someone with a little less “junk in the trunk” than I have, or at least someone whose waist and hip measurements are at a smaller ratio than my 29” waist and 41” hips.