Look What We Found: Dewbud Tee at Anthropologie

After trying on 12 shirts at Anthropologie, I found this gem for $88.

Love the color, and the cut works well for a full bust. It’s for sale on their website in turquoise and navy. I bought a medium, but the small accommodated my 32G bust, too; I just wanted a more flowy fit. It is a teensy bit too big so it shows a little cleavage. I like it as is but I think a tailor could make a quick adjustment to raise the neck line if you wanted.

Pretty Sweet Nothings…for a DD+

This month I’ll celebrate my one-year anniversary to my wonderful husband, Mr. M. I’m on the hunt for new lingerie, which, if you’re looking for something beyond a bra-and-panty set, can be completely frustrating for a full bust. Last year I prowled the city hoping for a wedding night set and some options for the honeymoon. Luckily, I stumbled upon La Petite Coquette. They put me right at ease and were determined to find everything in their store that would fit. And that’s when I discovered the fabulous Frances Smily.

See gorgeous Frances Smily designs after the jump.

Frances Smily designs dainty, romantic camisole-and-panty sets in silk and silk chiffon trimmed with lace that have a vintage Parisian feel. While her camisoles aren’t specifically for a full bust — the sizing guide only goes up to a 34 C — her camisoles with seamed cups are roomy enough to accommodate me.

For my wedding night, I walked away with this, which you can find here; a Medium accommodated a 32G:

It was paired with these panties. They came in a matching gold/silver/ivory color (though online they’re only shown in hot pink). Here they’re called Moulin Rouge open tap pant (you gotta love that!):

When I went back to La Petite Coquette for Valentine’s Day, I scored this top, needing a Large in this style:

It was paired with these knickers, though again, they were in a matching purple shade, not in the black and pink featured here:

Even though the Frances Smily website shows only one color for each style of camisole or panty, orders are custom made. I confirmed with them that you can select the styles you want, mixing and matching the panty to the camisole, and then specify the color you want for the set.

Next up for me to try is one of these dreamy silk chiffon tops. I’ll update on the results!:

(All photos via Frances Smily Lingerie)

Don’t Sweat It

There’s no real discreet way to say it: I suffer from not-so-wonderful smelling boob sweat. And now that it’s warm out, it’s something I get a little more self-conscious about. Over the years, I’ve tried a few different approaches to solve this problem.

Regular Deodorant/Anti-Perspirant
My first approach was to swipe my regular deodorant/anti-perspirant underneath my breasts, but all the news about the aluminum in these products being linked to cancer worried me. Regular deodorant was also very difficult to wash out of my bras, and I was concerned the chemicals were too harsh for the delicate fabric.

Read about better options after the jump.

All-Natural Deodorant Spray
Not too long after, I switched to Crystal Body Deodorant Spray which doesn’t contain aluminum and is gentle enough, according to the bottle, to spray on clothes. This has worked well for me over the years and has never caused any damage to my bras. The major flaw with the spray is that while it keeps me from smelling, I start the day feeling like I’m already perspiring. To combat this, I experimented with baby powder this winter. Although I don’t sweat nearly as much in winter as I do in the summer, I definitely can’t go without any protection.

Baby Powder
First I tried good ol’ Johnson and Johnson powder, in the lavender and chamomile scent. I got about 4 hours into the day before I began perspiring and embarrassingly, smelling. Next, I tried Gold Bond Ultimate Body Powder, which is billed as their strongest formula for odor protection. Some days it worked: I felt dry and I never smelled. Other days, depending on how many layers I had on or how hot the subway was, Gold Bond, sadly, failed. As the weather has gotten warmer, I’ve trialed this on occasion, only to be disappointed and smelly.

I’ve gone back to the Crystal spray, and I’m trying out their Crystal Essence Lavender & White Tea scent. I was happy to see that the description specifically pointed out that it’s safe to use on the chest. But, I’m still not completely satisfied. I recently saw some all-natural deodorant powders at Whole Foods, and I came across a recipe online for homemade deodorant powder, left by commenter Missy W. The cornstarch acts as an antiperspirant and the baking soda as a deodorant. Darlene also found a bra liner specifically for this problem, mentioned here, though I’m not thrilled about wearing additional fabric in warm weather. I’m going to be testing these deodorant powders in the upcoming weeks and will keep you posted with the results!

Note: I usually wash my bras after one wear. If you have boob sweat, I recommend this approach to help prevent even more odor.

The Christina Hendricks Question

I knew large breasted girl Christina Hendricks had landed the front cover of Esquire as the year’s Sexiest Woman. But when I finally saw the magazine in person alongside Vogue, Marie Claire, and Elle, I felt a sudden surge of happiness. A woman with curves being celebrated, nationally, as beautiful, for a change. And it’s not a porn magazine!

(image via Esquire, see more here)
Coupled with the fashion industry’s awareness of a booming full-figured bra business and the not-stick-straight models at Prada and Marc Jacobs earlier this year, it seemed as though we were starting to take big steps toward normalizing women with bigger busts in both fashion and culture.

Then, I came across this poll by KROQ’s Psycho Mike via Jezebel.com asking whether Christina Hendricks should lose a couple of pounds or if she was perfect the way she was.

(click to read more about Psycho Mike’s poll results)

Given the fashion industry’s tendency to lump large-breast and plus-size in the same category, when they ought to be treated as two categories in order to give women in both categories the best fitting clothes, I was disappointed to see this same reaction from the media about a real woman’s body. When I first saw the poll on Thursday, the split was 90/10 in favor of Christina’s body as is. Now, the poll is 80/20 in favor of her losing weight. Though it’s discouraging that a woman with a big bust can’t be held up without being told she’s a big girl, take a look through the 158 comments, most cheering Christina’s figure, for a big boost of confidence. Despite this poll’s results, there are plenty of people who like and accept a large-breasted body type!