Big Bust Sports Bra as Bikini Top (Preview)

You’re going to see these pictures again when I write my full review, but I can’t wait to share them now. I decided to wear my Lynx crossback sports bra with my Curvy Kate starry-eyed bottoms on our trip around the Napali coast yesterday. This is right before we took a snorkeling break, so I’m dry. Let me say, though, that I was completely unselfconscious in the water–no worries that I was flashing my underwater cleavage to anyone else. And with the rigid non-stretch fabric across my chest, plus the lining, I didn’t give headlights a second thought as I climbed back into the boat. The top was gifted to me by the company, but my  opinions are my own. 


  1. Love it! Darlene, you look sporty and adorable! Enjoy your hawaii time. I am looking to you for outfit tips! I ordered a Mott 50 (SPF fabric) cover up for the trip and am anxious to see what else you are wearing so I can think about my packing list. How’s the heat and humidity?

  2. Looks great and the concept on the back is interesting. If this top will be usefull more than 6 months it have great quality. Waiting for review.