The Friday before vacation, we had a photo shoot for upcoming Campbell & Kate blog posts, and our stylist put together such amazing looks with the faux leather Liz Claiborne jacket that I wrote about last month that I decided not to return it after all.
big bust leather jacket style

On Wednesday I snipped off the tag, zipped it to just under my chest, and confidently wore it into Manhattan with skinny jeans and boots.


All was fine until I removed my coat and sat down in my podiatrist’s waiting room. That’s when I noticed the giant air boobs that the jacket created.


I posted the dilemma on Instagram, and my dear friend Sarah McGiven offered a solution: look for double zippers going forward. I’m sure I’ll get a ton of wear out of this jacket (it cost less than $40 and is already sold out in black on the JCP website), but I’m also sure I’ll be constantly smoothing down the big bust effect when I sit down in it. Maybe I’ll replace the zipper!

Have a wonderful holiday, dear readers, and may any leather jackets that you receive come with double zippers!