Sexy Halloween Costumes–How Would You Carry It Off without Big Boobs?

It’s a standard observation that many women use Halloween to dress as sexily as they can, and I’m not going to discuss the pros or cons of this with you today. Instead, I have a hypothetical for you: how would you do it if you didn’t have big boobs? In other words, outside of cleavage, what physical features do you consider to be the essence of sexiness?

Here’s my answer: red lips and lots of leg.

When my husband sent me this BuzzFeed post on 14 Beloved Children’s Characters Turned “Sexy” Halloween Costumes what struck me wasn’t the cleavage displays (there would be a lot more cleavage going on if Hourglassy readers were modeling the costumes), but the ultra-short hemlines.

So what’s your answer?


I’m not dressing up this Halloween, but if I could wear any costume in the world, it would be something like this tutu from TutuGorgeousGirl that Lola Haze introduced me to on The Lingerie Addict last month. If I could, I would wear something like this even if it weren’t Halloween!


Finally, I’ve been thinking about Fussy Busty’s recent post ever since reading it yesterday: Cat Calls–No, I don’t have to be fine with it . . . . I’m still processing my thoughts, so I haven’t contributed anything to the comments, but I’d love to read your thoughts there!


Our neighborhood is Trick-or-Treat Central, and the doorbell has already started ringing non-stop, so I’m signing off for now. For those of  you who were wondering how we fared after Sandy, this should be a reassuring sign! Other than no subway, everything has returned to normal in my little section of Queens.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Corporate Curves Report: Breaking the Pattern

First of all I hope everyone was safe from Sandy and the storm is over. I’m flying to New York on Friday so I guess I’ll see what damage it unfortunately has caused.  But on to this week’s post where I reveal my latest obsession to you: patterns. I just can’t get enough of them after having discovered Wallis and Desigual.

I’m not a floral pattern woman at all, nor into any ditsy prints. Those are just not me while they do suit many women. I usually have added patterns to solid color outfits with accessories, but I am now loving the simplicity of throwing on a patterned dress and just adding plain tights and boots and off to work. Also my new dresses have made people smile and ask where I’m getting these from. Hurah for webstores – no more local limitations!

But there is a learning curve for dressing patterns for my curves. I like the look of these color-blocked dresses, but the one on the right, oh no no no.

Now looking at this asymmetrical Wallis dress and wondering if it might work? The Wallis dress on the right – with the slimming effect on the skirt part and widening at the top. Huge mistake!

I’ve discovered that with my fairly slim hips I can take size 14 UK (my normal size if it weren’t for the bust), but there absolutely can not be any extra stretch around the bust. But with these patterns, any extra stretch doesn’t make it look odd.  I also tried a size 16 UK, but it was a bit baggy around the hips and arms.

These stretchy Wallis dresses with the tightening option around the waist make them ideal for hourglassy women and flatter my straighter shape as well.

Desigual, keep an eye on all of their clothing but as a dress lover especially their dresses. There might even be flowers on the patterns, but I don’t really mind that as these patterns have umph and attitude 🙂

Desigual dresses I want to try on soon!

My inspiration for patterned dresses started when I saw this amazing picture of a UK size 12-14 model Hayley Morley. I surely do not have her figure, but we have some similarities size-wise.

Model Hayley Morley in an Alexander McQueen dress.

To compare, this is me wearing a scoop back NewLook dress in size 14. (I probably would be a size 16 at the moment, but I am slowly but surely getting a bit fitter.)

Corporate Curves in a New Look size 14 scoop back dress.

Patterns have sure lifted my autumnal spirits and finding new places to shop is always a bit of a rush for me, the shopaholic that I am. Thankfully I’m a bit more sensible these days as as I now only shop for and keep what I know for sure I’ll wear more than once. Otherwise I’d spend far too much of my income on clothes!

Taking a Sandy Break

I have no excuse not to write today. The internet is up and running, and I always work from home. But it’s a storm day, and I’m in the mood for a giant cleaning and organizing of our guest room and basement. When I’m in the mood for something like that, I’d better give in to the feeling.

Here’s a photo of our street on the way home from a late breakfast at the diner this morning. Right now it’s only very windy and slightly rainy. With one big gust, I said to Mr. Campbell, “It’s getting stronger, isn’t it?”, and he spoiled my excitement by assuring me that it will be many hours before the wind gets really strong. Mr. Campbell is a Weather Nerd. This storm is the only thing in the entire universe that could distract him from his addiction to all things election-related in the final days before November 6.

Yesterday I called my high school friend who lives in one of the mandatory evacuation zones and offered our guest room and sleeper sofa to her family, but she said they believe the media has exaggerated everything and they’re staying put. This morning we heard a radio interview of an unhappy airline passenger stuck at La Guardia, so I suggested to Mr. Campbell that we drive there (it’s only 10 minutes away) and offer our home to some poor stranded passenger. He laughed. So I guess the only rescuing I’ll be doing is of our upstairs neighbor. Her 2.5 year old little boy is a whirlwind of energy and will soon be going stir crazy. I’ve invited them to make caramel apples with me later.

Now I’ll get started on cleaning that guest room. It never hurts to be ready!


Off the Rack ~ Big Bust Retailer Review: Urkye’s “Dwulicowa Czarna Tuba” Top

For last weekend’s busty clothing swap here in New York, there were lots of fabulous sponsors, including overseas big bust retailers Urkye (from Poland) and DD Atelier (Russia), who both sent us samples to show our swap attendees and to review on Hourglassy. I ended up having to go out of town at the last minute so I missed the swap, but I was lucky enough to still score a gift bag and those clothing samples. This week I’ll review the “Dwulicowa Czarna Tuba” top from Urkye.

To start, here is a photo of the Urkye top from their own site, which shows the details nicely:

Urkye has two size charts—one for stretchy fabrics and one for tailored items. The tailored items have three different bust sizes denoted by lowercase o’s (o, oo, and ooo) while the stretchy size chart has two bust sizes, o/oo and oo/ooo. With some of the European big bust clothing brands, my boobs are actually too small for their line (if you can believe it), so I was pleased that Urkye suits my measurements a bit more accurately.

I selected a size 38 o/oo for the tuba top, which corresponds to 36.2 to approximately 37.5 inches bust and 28.3-inch waist. (My measurements are about 37-28.5-41.) I debated going with a smaller waist size since there were more colors in stock at size 36 oo/ooo, but decided that for review purposes I should stick with the size that matches my measurements. Here’s the top on me:

I adore this shirt! I’m really glad I went with 38 o/oo because the waist is loose enough not to show off my tummy, but it’s still form-fitting enough that I think I look quite slim and flattered. I am especially elated at the length of the top. I have an extremely long torso; Darlene once measured me and found me to be 18 inches long where the average is 14 – 16. But with this top, I do not have to worry at all about my skin peeking out at my waist or my underwear making an appearance if I bend over. Petite women may not like this feature as much, in which case I’d advise considering a smaller waist size, as that way the fabric can cling to your body more and stay hiked up if need be.

Sadly for me, all the other sleeved tops seem to be 23 cm long or under whereas the tuba tops are 25 – 27 depending on size. I’m afraid 23 would be shorter than I find comfortable, and the 19 – 21 cm short sleeve button-up tops would absolutely be too short.

I also love the neckline. I think this modified sweetheart shape is the most flattering look a busty woman can wear. And I appreciate that there is just a touch of décolletage on display instead of a full show of cleavage. It just opens you up so nicely. The fabric is also great. It’s 92% cotton and 8% elastane, so it’s soft but has a nice weight to it. It also has just a bit of sheen, making it appropriate for a dressy look or casual. In fact, yesterday I wore it with a skirt, cardigan, and boots during the day, then threw on heels and got rid of the sweater for a date with my boyfriend at night.

Another fun feature of this top, and the reason it’s called “tuba” (Polish for “tube”), is that those little fabric loops (or tubes) on either strap can be slid up and down to give the neckline a different shape. I personally prefer the sweetheart shape with the tubes all the way forward, but by pushing them onto the shoulder, you get a bit more coverage:

Unfortunately, the only color left in my size is the khaki green, of which I’m not a big fan. I love the gray and especially the red, but they’re only in stock in my sister size of 36 oo/ooo. Should I wait until more colors are introduced or dive in and use my 30% coupon from the swap now?? Decisions, decisions…

Come back next week to see what I think of DD Atelier’s “Diva Dress.”