Off the Rack ~ The World’s Largest Natural Breasts

Did anyone catch the U.S. TV station TLC’s episode of “Strange Sex” on June 15? It was about a woman who has the largest natural breasts in the world, Annie Hawkins-Turner. I actually missed the episode (and there are no re-runs airing in the next two weeks, according to my DVR), but caught an interview with her on Dr. Drew’s talk show.

Annie wears a 102ZZZ bra size. Whether that size is accurate or not, her breasts are, indeed, enormous. She suffers from gigantomastia (also known as hypertrophy of the breast), which is characterized by rapid and/or prolonged breast growth. In Annie’s case, she says she got her first bra in third grade and just kept growing (and is still growing today).

It is almost shocking how positive this woman is in regards to her body. In a three-minute preview of the episode, she says she’s never considered surgical reduction. “Why fix something that’s not broken?” she says.

Indeed. The Dr. Drew interview also included a plastic surgeon who was absolutely incredulous that Annie doesn’t want a reduction. She told him she does not have back problems and that she is not worried about breast cancer any more than any other woman (in fact, she said she had just gotten a mammogram and there were no anomalies). Yet the surgeon was still pressing the issue.

It made me want to scream “shut up!” at the TV. It’s ridiculous that large breasts are treated like such a horrific thing. Big boobs are not a fate worse than death! Breast reduction is a serious surgery; and as with all major surgeries has the potential for serious complications. I couldn’t believe this guy was still advocating it despite Annie saying she had no health problems and was not interested in “bringing a knife to herself.” No doubt it’s the right choice for some women, but the women who choose not to get surgery shouldn’t be treated like they’re crazy.

I find Annie’s acceptance of her body to be really refreshing. She even has a sense of humor about it, working as a fetish model under the name “Norma Stitz” (a play on the phrase “enormous tits.” Ha!). I really hope TLC airs a re-run of the episode soon, because I want to see the whole thing.


  1. I don’t have cable, but I have seen a few news clips about Mrs. Hawkins-Turner since the late 90’s. I think she was in an episode of Rikki Lake or Jenny Jones. Because she says she has no back issues and she has the largest breasts in the world I’m gonna breast reduction is not medically necessary. Sure there are plenty of women that want it, but I doubt any of them really need it. I think there is some kind of scheme, when it comes to breast reduction. I wouldn’t be surprised if some GP’s are getting money for sending their patients to a surgeon to get a reduction at least in the USA. Kinda like how doctors get kick backs for putting their patients on certain Meds.

    I remember Mrs. Hawkins-Turner says that every time she goes to a new doctor, she asked is, do you want a breast reduction? So this wouldn’t be the first time that a doctor wanted to push her into getting a reduction.

  2. I have heard so many stories of women who have gotten breast reductions, only to end back up with their pre-reduction size due to birth control, weight gain, or just regular breast growth.

    • Me too! It’s kind of crazy, I wonder what the biology is behind that phenomenon. If a big chunk of body tissue got cut off elsewhere on your body (let’s say a shark bit off a piece of you, but didn’t get any organs or bones), would that grow back too?

  3. I think it’s a great thing to be positive about your body but then I met quite a few women needing bras around 36J/JJ or 38H/HH/J and it’s really difficult to find something that fits them properly and I can understand if they want a reduction.

    On the other hand, there are moms who tell their 16 year old daughters (38F) the first thing they are allowed to do when becoming of age will be going under the knife. Sometimes it’s hard not to bite off heads. 😉

  4. I am interested that she could get a good mammagram at the size. I was told that as a 30HH the image wasn’t good enough…