The Felix Felten Jacket from Anthropologie

I ordered size 14 of the Felix Felten jacket on December 22, and it arrived on the 24th–talk about “fast fashion”. And that was with the free shipping!

Below, you see the size 12 on the left and the size 14 on the right.

My final prognosis?  Not worth the $118.  I’m going to save that $118 towards a Maria Ficalora jacket custom-made to fit me like a glove.  See what I’ve set my eyes on after the jump.  And when you see the prices, you’ll understand that I am going the Super Slow Fashion route, ladies.  It may be next year before I have one of these make-me-feel-put-together-and-beautiful jackets in my closet, but there will be plenty of room for it since I’ll have stopped filling my closet with the not-quite-right clothes.

Maria’s Fitted Classic Jacket is my top choice, but I’d probably want it in the same color as the Felix Felten jacket.

Her Supersleuth Jacket is a super close second.

And I really like this trimmed cotton blazer.

Finally, I’m also liking the Bluesuits Year Round Executive Tweed Jacket here.


  1. cheeky curves says:

    I hope you get a jacket that fits just right

  2. Definitely not worth $118. It looks okay on you, but not great, not as great as it should for that price!

  3. Thanks, Cheeky Curves. I think it's a combination of fit and fabric that is the issue in this Anthropologie jacket. A better fabric would drape better, but I'm not sure what would help the fit. It's interesting that the button-pulling looks identical in both sizes, isn't it?

    And thanks for confirming, Aamba!