Mr. Campbell ordered the Reliable Digital Velocity V100 that I wanted.  The UPS man delivered it at 4:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve, along with my gift to him, a Kindle (you can read this blog on a Kindle, by the way!).  So we managed to get our gifts under the tree just under the wire.  My new Reliable performed fabulously on my Moi-Meme shirt that I wore down to his sister’s in Delaware that afternoon.

This morning, I gave it a more challenging task:  the entrenched wrinkles in this silk dress.  The Reliable results are on the left.  The Sunbeam’s are on the right.  Not a giant difference.

However, the results improved after I used its water spray feature.

I’m going to enjoy this iron. It’s super sturdy, so it won’t lose its balance easily when it rests on its end. It even came with a little pitcher to pour in the water. For this iron, I’m just going to use distilled water, like they recommend.

Now I can contact my friend Yvonne for that ironing lesson that she’s promised me.