This past weekend, Jen (of GG Musings) and I got together to catch up on some photography. Now we both have lots of material ready to review! I’m starting with the “Day Dress” from Tatyana Boutique in sky blue. This particular color has been on sale lately, so unfortunately the only size left in stock is XS, but I’ve seen it on other retailer sites (such as Unique Vintage), and also Tatyana releases it in new colors and prints every so often.

The “sky blue” color is actually more of a toothpaste-y mint green, which was what I was hoping for, to be honest. It’s a 98% polyester, 2% spandex lightweight crepe fabric with a light stretch. I would prefer cotton or linen since those are more breathable than polyester on a hot and sweaty day, but the dress does have a very floaty texture, so it’s a trade-off.

At 38” bust and 29.5” waist, I matched up to size medium almost perfectly, so that’s what I ordered (note that most Tatyana items have their own unique size chart, and I find them to be very accurate). The fit is very good, though not quite perfect. I definitely wouldn’t advise trying to wear this particular style in this particular fabric if your bust is anything more than one inch above the size chart’s suggestion.

The Day Dress comes with a matching faux leather white belt, has hidden side pockets (that are actually big enough to completely hide a smartphone!), pleated skirt, and a big pleat in the bodice back. The back pleat does not add space to the front of the bodice, it’s just a cute detail that adds to the vintage styling.

Both the skirt and bodice are fully lined in smooth liner fabric in the same shade of mint green, so the dress is not at all sheer for such a light color. As well, there’s a hook and eye at the waist seam, which I think is a great feature. That’s a spot that can pop open or strain if you have a little belly, have just eaten a big meal, or are between sizes and your waist measures a little bigger than the size chart.

However, I wish there was a hook and eye at the bust in between the buttons too. As you can see in the following photos (in which I’m wearing an Ewa Michalak PL bra in size 65GG), the bust is pulling just a little. It’s not enough to create a full-on gap and there doesn’t seem to be any threat of the buttons popping open, but a hook there would clean up the look and keep the button placket straight.

Speaking of the button placket, one thing I must complain about is that the buttons are on the WRONG SIDE!! For women’s clothing, buttons are supposed to be on the left side and for men’s clothing, on the right side. But for whatever reason, this dress has the buttons on the right side. You wouldn’t think this would be that big an issue, but I’m so used to left-side buttons that I actually have to think about what I’m doing and my fingers end up fumbling around trying to do it the opposite way. Is this what it feels like to be a left-handed person in a right-handed world?

Finally, I have to point out one final detail that I just love—the tiny heart-shaped buttons on the sleeves! I think it would be too twee if the buttons on the front were hearts, but the sleeves add just a touch of extra sweetness.

To wrap up, if you like this dress, pay close attention to the size chart. If your boobs are more than an inch bigger than the size chart, be prepared for gaping, though it may be fixable with a hook and eye depending on the fabric content and how big your chest is. But considering that the size chart for this particular garment matches up with my measurements so closely, this dress is still more boob-friendly than usual for an off-the-rack brand.