Here comes another post about fitting the bottom half of the hourglass. I’ve written about Freddie’s of Pinewood jeans and tops here on Hourglassy several times before, and this week I’ll be reviewing their Buckleback Shorts.

I actually planned on writing this review last summer, but the Bucklebacks were nearly sold out and the Freddie’s team told me they wouldn’t be returning. They even sent me their then-new style, Chorus Girl Shorts, to review as a consolation. So imagine my delight when their latest newsletter landed in my email announcing that Bucklebacks are back!

Jeans and denim shorts are always a tricky fit for me, since at 29.5” waist and 42” hips I have more than a 10” waist to hip ratio (which is where most off the rack brands max out). To be honest, even my Freddie’s jeans are a bit snug across the thighs and rear. I still wear them, but they’re definitely not what I would consider “curve-friendly.”

Likewise, the American Apparel high-waist denim shorts that I reviewed in 2014 were also a mixed bag. One pair was on the stretchier side and fit well while the other had a slightly diaper-like effect in back. Plus, American Apparel has since filed for bankruptcy twice, then was bought by another company who moved most production outside the US, so those shorts are no longer available and I can’t vouch for the current quality, fit, or ethics of the brand.

Anyway, all that is to say that the Freddie’s Buckleback Shorts are a surprising success! They fit really nicely and still have a bit of room to spare in the thighs, even without any stretch. Additionally, the functional buckle in the back and the double button at the top of the zipper mean you can customize the waist to fit you more tightly. You could even size up if you require more thigh room and then wear it on the tightest waist setting. I personally wear it on the looser button, but I tighten the buckle (which is located below the waistband) to give it a more severe S-curve in back.

The zipper is hidden in the left pocket, yet it’s long enough that I don’t struggle to pull these shorts on. I do wish they had back pockets because I think a big expanse of flat fabric looks a little strange, but the positively huge pockets in front at least provide lots of storage space on their own.

And there’s yet more customization with these shorts in the cuffs! A small cuff is sewn in place, which results in a fairly long length (past my fingertips if I stand up straight). But you can also roll them up further to make them a mid-length or even higher into proper “short-shorts.” I like to wear them at a mid-length. Here are photos with one leg extended the full length and one rolled as high as I can get it:

Finally, these are made of the same heavy-duty 100% cotton as most Freddie’s jeans, so I wear them not only for cute summer looks, but also for practical purposes like hiking in the woods. The deep pockets mean I can keep my phone handy for taking photos or checking the trail map, and the high quality denim means there are no worries about snagging the fabric on pricker bushes. They can also be machine-washed (though I recommend cold water and hanging to dry to avoid shrinkage).

Protecting my white pup from a mud patch while hiking at my parents’ place in Central NY last summer.