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We only have two more posts from the A/W21 Curve Expo. This week, we’re sharing Elomi and Goddess. As with last week’s post on Freya and Fantasie, we’re actually presenting the spring/summer 2021 collection because these brands prefer not to release their upcoming designs to the public so far in advance. But that means everything you see here is available for sale right now or very soon!

All sizes here are listed in UK format. Elomi and Goddess bras start around $60 USD, but they’re so widely distributed that you can often find a sale or coupon. There are plenty of digital and brick-and-mortar stores to purchase or even try them on in person. I’ll link each item below to a store listing for easy shopping.

I’ll start with Elomi. You may recognize one or two of these pieces from Darlene’s coverage of the A/W2020 Curve show. Presumably, some of the designs were held back due to Covid and are now being released. I’m thrilled to share the new Matilda colors because this bra is always so cute! I’m also excited to share a few swimwear pieces that I think are just stellar.

First, we have “Matilda Kiss” in black. Normally styled with dots, the “Kiss” version of this fan-favorite bra has tiny hearts instead. Available in 32-46, up to K cups.
In addition to black, Matilda Kiss also comes in bright pink. I love that this shade is darker than your typical Barbie bubblegum—a “sophisticated” neon pink, if you will. Available in 32-46, up to K cups.
For those who aren’t into pink or hearts, there’s yet a third Matilda color, Storm, in the standard dots pattern. Size 32-46, up to K cups.
Next is new continuity design “Brianna,” a cage bra that comes in black or white. I hope Elomi releases it in fashion colors for future seasons. Comes in 32-44, up to K cups. Brianna will be available starting in April.
Finally, there’s the new “Morgan” color, Autumn Breeze. It also comes in white floral with hot pink lace, but I think the black looks much more elegant. Size 32-46, up to K cups.
Moving on to swimwear, I’m basically obsessed with the “Plain Sailing” collection in Red Floral. I think this underwire top with frills that can be worn on or off the shoulder is so cute! I even like it worn both ways, whereas usually with this kind of style I prefer it one way or another. It comes in 34-44, up to HH cups. There’s also a sweetheart underwire bikini top without the frills, in 34-42, up to H; and a non-wired molded tankini in UK dress sizes 16-26 (US 12-22).
Back view with the frills down.
Front view with the frills up.
Back view with the frills up.
Okay, I’ll stop! The “Plain Sailing” collection also includes a midnight stripe set. I’m not sure why these aren’t considered entirely different collections since they’re so different! But this colorway comes in an underwire bikini top with adjustable cleavage coverage (seen here) in sizes 34-42, up to H cups; and a non-wired molded swimsuit in UK dress sizes 16-26 (US 12-22).
Last up is the “Zulu Rhythm” collection. I’m partial to the underwire bandeau bikini because it’s mostly black and just uses the bold zebra print as an accent. There’s a swimsuit with similar color-blocking, but also a bikini top and tankini that are full zebra. The bandeau comes in sizes 34-44, up to HH; and the non-wired molded swimsuit in UK dress sizes 16-26 (US 12-22).
Here’s the Zulu Rhythm underwire plunge bikini top, which comes in sizes 34-44, up to HH cups. The non-wired molded tankini comes in UK dress sizes 16-26 (US 12-22).

Finishing up with Goddess, there are actually only three new fashion colorways this season, but I think they’re all quite sophisticated and pretty.

First up is this absolutely stunning new dark plum color (called “damson”) for the “Keira” bra. Keira is the most skin tone-inclusive bra I’ve ever seen, by the way. Its continuity colors include four different shades of “nude,” plus white, black, and dark ink blue. It covers sizes 34-46, up to K cups.
Next up is the new “Kayla” fashion color, Serendipity, an autumnal floral on black. Interestingly, the only continuity color for Kayla is leopard print. I kind of love that! Kayla comes in 34-46, up to JJ cups.
I’m also a big fan of the second Kayla fashion color, Gray Blossom, an unusual combination of warm gray and rust.