At Hourglassy, Miriam Baker is one of our favorite upscale busty brands. Primarily consisting of professional and “day to night” styles, with a few gowns thrown in for good measure, Miriam Baker garments are timeless yet super stylish. Everything is extremely high quality and made in Canada with high-end fabrics.

This week, I’m reviewing the Aarti shirt. When Darlene first offered me this item to review, I thought a simple black top wouldn’t be very exciting. But then when I tried it on, I instantly changed my mind! This top fits so nicely and is a great weight for layering, perfect for NYC’s current transitional weather. Mornings are cold, but afternoons are warm, so you need a shirt that doesn’t add too much warmth but also isn’t too cooling.

My Aarti top is size small. I measure 38”-29/30”-42” and generally wear bra size UK 28GG/30G. In these photos, I’m wearing an Ewa Michalak PL bra in size 65GG. To find your best fit in Miriam Baker clothing, check out the size guide. I normally wear a US medium or large, but her size small is perfect on me.

Aarti is made of an Italian fabric that blends 59% acetate, 29% polyamide, 17% elastane. It’s very stretchy, but you don’t need to size down. It adheres to my curves as if it’s magnetically attracted to my skin, yet it doesn’t feel “clingy.” Basically, it just drapes beautifully. Here is the complete outfit I wore it with this week:

It’s hard to see any detail under my terrible apartment lighting, so here are some close-ups without the cardigan to better show off Aarti:

A pencil skirt was the perfect partner for this top, since Aarti tucks in and disappears without adding bulk. You can actually see the edges of the front pockets through this skirt, but you don’t see any shirt fabric adding extra bulk.

The fabric has a very slight sheen to it and it just barely has a sheer effect under the right lighting. However, the bra I’m wearing is bright purple that contrasts sharply against my skin, so I think the apparent sheerness wouldn’t even be visible with a nude bra.

I don’t know how Miriam cut this pattern to make it fit boobs so well! There aren’t any princess seams or darting, yet you can tell it’s not simply stretching to fit since there’s no “strum-strum” effect across my chest. It’s also nice and long, so it can be worn untucked as well.

Miriam Baker is a luxury brand, and the prices and care instructions do reflect that. As a busty shopper, it can be intimidating to purchase clothing at a higher price point since you’re so often taking a gamble on fit. But I feel that Miriam Baker’s quality, amazing and consistent fit, and humane production (again, in Canada) mean that her garments live up to the cost.