Earlier this summer, inspired by YouTube, I had my colors done. For those of you who don’t know, there is a color analysis theory that every person fits into a season and knowing your season will guide you towards wearing the right colors for your skin tone/hair color/eye color. It took a bit of searching but I found a digital option online for a good price. Three weeks later, my results came in and it turns out I am a “Clear Spring” and look good in the colors below.

Colors for Me – According to My “Clear Spring” Result

Major relief that my favorite colors black and red are still great colors for me to wear! I already gravitate towards red/orange and sometimes green. I’m not sure how I feel about wearing yellow or salmon but I am going to work on incorporating more blues and pinks into my wardrobe.

My Favorite Fall/Winter Colors! Blazer and Cranberry Dress are from Bravissimo. Hunter Green Dress is from Lauren Ralph Lauren.

Above I’m wearing clothing in my favorite Fall/Winter colors: navy, cranberry and hunter green. I don’t think any of these colors look horrible on me. However, when I compare myself wearing colors from my suggested palette below to my previous favorites for Fall/Winter, I can immediately see that I look better in the more vibrant recommended colors below.

Wearing “Clear Spring” Colors. Blue Dress from Urkye. Red and Green Dresses from Bravissimo.

I’m not shopping as much these days but I bought new sweaters during the summer sales. I am planning to buy one or two new dresses before the end of the year ideally in the new colors recommended for me. I’ll let you know how my dress shopping process goes.

My apologies to anyone who wanted to participate in the digital clothing swap as we don’t have enough interest at this time to make it do-able. Feel free to comment below if you didn’t signal your interest in the digital clothing swap previously.

Have any of you had your colors done and did it have an effect on your wardrobe choices?