Taideux launched last year, went quiet for a little while, and has now burst back on the scene with some dream styles for fuller busts. Here’s what I love about the latest collection: it looks like the designer has gone all out for pieces that she would like to wear. Here’s what else I love: my favorite piece on the site, the Bella top, is revealing, but it’s low cut because it’s designed to be, NOT because there isn’t enough room for a larger chest and the model has to squeeze herself into it.

Another amazing feature that all women with big boobs will appreciate: the seams that are supposed to fall beneath the bustline fall beneath the bustline. They’re not creeping across the chest.

I also like the gold hardware in back and the back and side BONING. I almost wonder if this could be worn braless?

So here’s the thing: we need a reader who is dying to wear a Taideux top to buy and write about it for us here. I would love to own the Bella top, but I would only wear it for date nights with my husband, and those are rare.

Here’s what we want to know:

  1. How’s the fit? Let us know your bra size and measurements so other readers can figure out what size to order.
  2. How’s the quality?
  3. How does it look? Pics please!
  4. How does it hold up throughout the day/night?
  5. What else should we know?

If you’re up for the adventures of writing a guest post for us, let me know in the comments and I’ll reach out to you to coordinate.

And if you’re on the fence about purchasing from Taideux, what would YOU like to read in a review before you click the button?